Mini Vaca to KC

This past weekend, I took my first couple days of vacation at the new job and we headed to Kansas City for a mini vaca. Per the usual, our weekend consisted of eating and drinking: two of my personal favorite hobbies. Here’s our weekend, told in pictures:

Tank 7 from Boulevard is probably my favorite beer right now. I couldn’t get enough.


Speaking of Boulevard, we actually made our way to their brewery for a free tour. Before our tour started, we shared a flight out on their patio. This may or may not have happened before 11 a.m. I’ll never tell. 😉


Kansas City and BBQ go hand-in-hand and there was no way we were missing out on chowing down. Kevin has been to Oklahoma Joe’s and wanted to take me there, but the line was OUTRAGEOUS (3+ hours) and I get hangry real fast so we opted to head to Jack Stack’s, which is a place neither of us had been. While we both thought it was good, Kevin favors Oklahoma Joe’s and I think that the Woodyard is better. (You can read about the Woodyard here and here.)


I got burnt ends on a baked potato which was fabulous, but let’s be real. The cheesy corn stole the show. Cheesy corn also stole my heart. (Sorry Kevin.) Kev got the lunch plate which had burnt ends and ribs. His baked beans were mighty delicious as well.


The eating and drinking continued when we went to the Granfalloon bar in the Plaza. We had eating here once before and I couldn’t get the nachos out of my head (I’m embarrassing, I know). Kev wanted to watch preseason football and I remember we liked the atmosphere of this place so we headed back. We split the salad and nachos which ended up being the perfect combo for us.


But really. These nachos.


Kev was in his happy place…drinking a “Stormchaser” IPA and watching football.


While I had my Tank 7 and nachos.


As usual, we were sad when the weekend came to an end but only a few more days stand between us and FLOATING this weekend. We can’t wait to get the camping gear out and take Grace on her first official float trip (pray for us, please).

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One thought on “Mini Vaca to KC

  1. What a great trip! Glad you got to drink and eat some of best stuff! (Everyone RAVES about the cheesy corn there but I must say I wasn’t as impressed. I think I missed out on the cheesy corn gene…it’s just not in my blood. Burnt ends on the other hand…YUM! My brother-in-law got lamb at Jack Stack and said it was superb if you ever want to try it again.) Anyway, glad you had a good trip to our neck of the woods! And three cheers for Boulevard taste tests–no matter what time of day!

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