Mom & Me in Disney World

I am quite the lucky duck, y’all. Earlier this month, my company sent me to a conference which was held literally in Disney World. Not just Orlando, but the Yacht & Beach Club Resort in Walt Disney World. PR + Disney World = my kind of conference. My mom, thanks to super cheap flights from Frontier, actually flew down for a few days while I was there and we were able to enjoy some fun in between my conference. So, let’s get to it!

Walt Disney World

First of all, can we talk about this resort? It. is. gorgeous.


In previous trips to Disney World, growing up we stayed at Dixie Landing (now Port Orleans) a lot. For our honeymoon, we were at the Coronado Springs (club level…that happy hour was clutch), which was great. And our last trip, for the half marathon, we were at Port Orleans Riverside.


I have never had the opportunity to stay at a Deluxe Disney resort before until now and I honestly didn’t think there would be much of a difference. But there is. Woah, there is.



(Can you find the hidden Mickeys in the shower curtain?)


This resort was beautiful! The rooms were, of course, great but what really made this resort stand out was everything else.


The lobby was beautiful, the pools were amazing and the views! Mom and I had a room on the first level so we had a great patio area where we enjoyed our coffee in the morning and wine at night.


The view from our room was okay, but the views of the water from the beach were just perfection.


See what I mean? This was just right outside of the resort lobby. To the left is Epcot within walking distance!



The conference took place at this resort in a big convention center, which was great because we didn’t have to leave the property at all. I was even able to sneak in a quick 15-minute beach session in between lunch and the next session one day!


This resort was absolutely perfect for this conference and our stay, but if I was going to Disney World for fun, I don’t think I’d stay here. Why? It was too beautiful to leave! You’re paying that much money for this prime hotel but from my experience with Disney, you’re hardly in your hotel room (unless it’s your honeymoon and you have free booze every night from 5-10 p.m. haha). I’d much rather splurge on a park hopper, food, souvenirs, etc. instead of paying top dollar for a place to sleep at night. Maybe that’s just me, but I thought I’d throw out my two cents.

We did end up switching hotels (to Pop Century) for our third night since technically by then, my conference was over and my mom and I didn’t want to pay that top dollar price for one night, especially when we literally got to our room, went to bed, woke up, and went to the airport.

Okay so enough about hotels.

My mom and I had more than half a day on Wednesday to explore since my conference didn’t start until Thursday. We got plenty of fun in at Magic Kingdom because the park didn’t close until midnight that night!


We did all the usuals: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, the new Snow White ride, Peter Pan, Pirates, It’s a Small World, etc. We ate lunch at Be Our Guest (simply the best) and saw the two parades, and the fireworks that night!


My mom hadn’t been to Disney World since my brother and I were little kids so it was really awesome to see her relive some of the memories she had from years past.


This is also totally wrong but the pictures of us on rides are too great not to share, so sorry ’bout it.



We nearly closed the park down, went back to our hotel room, ate room service and crashed!


The next day I was in the conference all day so my mom enjoyed the resort’s three pools and beach. Believe me, she enjoyed. 😉


I have no idea exactly how many people were at the conference, but I’d estimate between 400-500 people. I think we were all a bunch of 5-year-olds when Mickey showed up to welcome us all to the conference!


Lunch featured hidden Mickey desserts…


And the mid-afternoon snacks were Mickey shaped, of course.


After being in sessions all day, we had an hour break before we had dinner that night so I ran to the pool to sit in the lazy river with mom for a few minutes.


Then, it was time to go to the cocktail party! Let me tell you about said party that the Disney Parks folks hosted for us…


Multiple open bars on the beach. About six different food stations. The beach. Open bar. The beach. Did I say open bar? The picture above is just what they handed me walking in.


Oh, and characters! Yes, Disney characters showed up to our cocktail party. I mean, how ridiculously cute is that? I died a little.


I have no pictures of the rest of the night, but basically, once the beach party was over, mom and I went over to Disney Springs to walk around and proceeded to come back to the room and crash. (Crashing at midnight was standard on this trip.)

On Friday, I had a half day full of more sessions, which were all great, and then the conference was over. Just like that. In the blink of an eye.

Once the conference was wrapped up, we caught the boat over to Hollywood Studios and started our afternoon on the best ride ever…Tower of Terror!


(Press play. Thank you, Disney World, for thinking of absolutely everything.)



Just like Magic Kingdom, we got all the good stuff in, including my personal favorites: the Beauty and the Beast play and the Frozen show. Both are just the cutest.


So here’s something cool that I never noticed before: there is a Planet Hollywood gift shop in HS that has clothing from famous movies. I happened to walk by this at first without noticing who it was, but then we realized it was from Titanic! So essentially, I (almost) touched Leonardo DiCaprio. #dreamsdocometrue


Mom and I were super pumped that we could stop in different restaurants at Hollywood Studios and have a beer whenever we wanted. Disney World gets adults. Especially the bar at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe, where we sat up shop and enjoyed a Tank 7.


We pretty much closed down the park and ventured to the Boardwalk for dinner.


Which included one final toast to a great weekend that it was!

We both left to go home the next day and sadly our fun little trip had to come to an end. 🙁 I’ll admit, I’ve been to Disney quite a few times in the last few years but I just can’t help it. It’s the best! Though Kevin says I really, really, can’t go back until we have kids. Ha!

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  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now! I was actually at the exact same conference! I went last year as well and won a free trip back for this last one! Would have loved to have connected!! Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Thank you honey for this awesome post! You did a great job of summing up our wonderful trip!!! I loved it! Thanks for inviting me!!

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