Moms are the Best

My baby brother turns 21 today and my whole family and all of his friends are at one of my favorite bars celebrating. Instead, I just turned off my work computer from working the minute I got home, had leftover pizza dinner, our dryer is still broken, our house is a disaster, we leave for Portland in two days and I’ve done nothing to prepare and I feel like my sadness and stress levels are about to boil over. BUT, as my mind goes on and on about the negative, I’m trying so hard to just be thankful for this past weekend. You know why?



I haven’t seen my mom since April and if you know me and my family, that’s a LONG time to go without seeing each other. I was getting homesick. She was getting daughter sick. And, well long story short, after three margaritas on Thursday night, I FaceTimed her and convinced her to come the next day!


We shopped the 4th of July sales, died laughing at Grace & Frankie on Netflix and dined at our ole favorite, El Torazo. Plus, I got to show mom one of our local favorites, Holy Grale! I’m so glad she got to come. It was just what the doctor ordered!


Moms are the best.

(Now, time for bed because I have a to-do list that needs to be dominated tomorrow.)

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