To brighten your Monday, lady friends…

David Beckham and babies. Does it get any better? Amiright?

Blach – I just really dislike Mondays. Work is never fun because you have to read through a billion emails and get prepared for all the meetings and assignments due that week. The only reason I like Monday is because it’s Gossip Girl night! Okay, I’ll stop being super girly now.

Yesterday, we finally succeeded in wearing Gracie out. It took one early-morning walk, one one-mile run and one late-night walk to finally get her to crash on the couch. (Yes, our couch is hideous. It was my grandma’s couch and we have a slip cover, but it was currently being washed). Success! Sleepy puppy!

World's Ugliest Couch?

Last night, Kevin and I had a fannnn-tastic dinner! We made this shrimp fried rice and had fake edamame. Yes, I meant to type “fake.” I couldn’t find soybeans at Hy-Vee, so I got sugar snap peas thinking it would be similar to edamame. FALSE. Sugar snap peas just fell apart and became soggy. Bummer, but we ate them anyways.

Fake edamame

Tonight, I’m ashamed to admit we ate frozen pizza for dinner. Actually, no I’m not. I really enjoy cooking, but after a long day of work on a Monday, I had no desire to cook whatsoever. Coming home to a pizza in the oven was perfect!




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