Move Out

Moving out is complete!! What an insane process!

Thursday was my last day working in an office. How fitting that I completed my to-do list on my last sheet of paper. That worked out nicely for my OCD self. (Despite what this to-do list says, I do NOT work in advertising. I promise.)

Instead of cleaning and packing, Kev and I headed to Flying Mango with our friends Jess and Chris for one last get together.

We sure are going to miss them a TON, and we’re already counting down the days until we see them again at either the Indy 500, Derby in Louisville or our wedding.

Flying Mango was absolutely delish and if you’re ever in Des Moines, I’d highly recommend it. I ordered the Lime & Garlic Shrimp pasta dish which came with a side of their cornbread with honey butter (omg). The black pepper pasta and mango jalapeno salsa were the perfect combinations of goodness in my mouth.

Highly recommended!

We headed home, cleaned our entire bathroom and kitchen and hit the hay before the madness began.

The movers came right at 8 a.m. and because my coffee machine was put away, I headed up to Starbucks to pick up a shiny red cup of Caramel Brulee Latte. The best time of the year is HERE!

So I totally assumed the movers would be done around noon or one, then Kevin and I would spend some time cleaning up and be to STL around 8, just in time for family dinner to celebrate Kevin’s birthday a few days early.


They didn’t get done packing and moving everything out until 4:30, and then Kevin and I went through one last time and did some vacuuming before leaving our keys with the office (which definitely reminded me of The Last One).

Gracie definitely hated us yesterday. We had her in her crate part of the time, and outside for the rest of the afternoon.

Poor girl

The movers wanted us out of their way, which left us with no choice but to eat the rest of our food from our fridge.

And watch them put our couch on boxes to wrap it.

(World’s ugliest couch. I know.)

And watch them put everything in the truck (Don’t worry, this truck has about 4 houses packed into it. We do NOT have that much stuff).

And walk around our complex to take pictures.

Our apartment building

One of our two patios

Looking out into our back yard

Patio number two

Goodbye to our first home together!



Living Room

Dining Room

Goodbye, Apartment 102!

Goodbye first home.

Goodbye Winwood.

Goodbye Des Moines


Today Kev and I are enjoying our time in St. Louis with my parents before heading to Louisville this afternoon! But first, we’re going to lunch with my whole family to celebrate Kevin’s birthday!

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