Mussel & Burger Bar Again

After a full day of working on Friday, Kev and I took my parents out to eat to our new FAVORITE restaurant, Mussel & Burger Bar. I wish I could eat there every day.

We were expecting some wait, and my dad was getting suuuuuper hangry (he’s the King of Hangry Land). By the time we finished our drinks at the bar and got seated, we had waited almost an hour so we immediately ordered the beef taquitos as an appetizer. These cute little beef mini tacos are served by 5 or 10 and they taste out of this world.

IMG_2941The presentation ain’t half bad either. Can I put one of these on our wedding registry? Serious question.

IMG_2942 And now, for the highlight of the whole entire meal – THE BURGERRRRR! I should probably mention that I absolutely hate burger restaurants. I think Red Robin is gross and I hardly EVER order a burger if we go out to eat, but when I find myself a GOOD burger, not just an ordinary one, I think it might be my favorite food. (Nachos, you didn’t hear that.)

Last time we ate here, Kev and I both wanted to get the Good Ole burger, but we didn’t want to get the same thing (we like to share food), so I opted for the Spare Rib Nachos. While they were good, I couldn’t get enough of the burger Kevin ordered.

So this time, I didn’t even have to open the menu. I knew exactly what I wanted. The Good Ole burger with sweet potato fries, which is served with this mouth-watering smoked pineapple dipping sauce. I can’t even express how good it is.


Kevin also got the Good Ole burger, but decided on regular fries and my mom got the Spanish Blue burger with sweet potato fries, while my dad got their wings and a salad.

And while the food is brilliant, the restaurant decor is a little goofy to me. It’s very Greek-like in terms of decor, but I recently found out this restaurant is only three months old, so I’m assuming the decor is leftover from whoever occupied the space before.

Okay, really really wishing I had this for dinner now.

PS – GO BLUES! Wait. Literally as soon as I typed that, the Kings tied it with 31.6 (THIRTY. ONE. POINT. SIX. SECONDS.) left. I’m mad.

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