My Bachelorette Party Recap 2

A (very delayed) Part II coming right up!

Here’s where we left off.

We started our morning a little slow, but the mimosas may have helped perk us up a bit. We passed around cameras and shared stories from the night before and finally decided we decided to head out for lunch.


Where did we end up for lunch? Lou Malnati’s, of course, for some traditional deep dish Chicago-style pizza! Just what the doctor ordered for our little aches and pains.

After lunch, we walked around Chicago for a bit, did some shopping and decided to head back to our apartment suite for a much-needed nap. On our way back, a watermelon fell from the sky and nearly landed on us. I kid you not. Nobody will ever believe us but it happened and we died laughing. (“WHAT THE” – Martha.)

The nap ended up being the best thing ever for us, and pretty soon it was time to get all dolled up for a night out. But first? Shots.


We were ready to head out! Right before we walked out the door, Martha handed me a map of where we were going, you know, in case I got lost like a character from The Hangover…or a certain someone from Kev’s bachelor party. 😉


So smart, Martha. So smart!

Our first stop was dinner at American Junkie!

DSCN1319Martha, who lives in Chicago, knows someone who is basically a club promoter. His job is to bring people (girls?) to different bars and clubs. Well, said dude gave us the HOOK UP.

Can we just say bottle service?

IMG_3958 (I have no idea why there were kids at our first stop (for dinner?) but I gave them my sparkler thingie. Their night was made.)

I had never experienced bottle service before and I’d only ever heard of it from movies or reality TV but IT. IS. AMAZING. We got our own booth, bottle of whatever we wanted (Martha pre-picked vodka as our choice drink), all of the ice/glasses, mixers and garnishes. We didn’t even have to get up because it was all right there on our table. #Spoiled

DSCN1344And because all of our booze was free, we were a little worried what our night ahead had in store for us. Kristina’s face summed it up.

DSCN1347As Sara put it, “We had no business drinking more after our first bar,” but we had TWO more places to go!

So to the next place we went! Did I mention how much I love my girlfriends and downtown Chicago?


We made walking to the next place an event in and of itself.

DSCN1390 DSCN1392

The second place was probably my favorite bar I’ve ever been to.

Meanwhile, I successfully managed to ruin almost all of our group photos from here on out.

DSCN1401Again. Bottle service. Amazing. And our bottle glowed!  DSCN1419

We danced, made friends, made fun of people, danced some more, took way too many pictures and continued dancing until it was time for us to head to the third and final bar. Which we did not even end up entering. Some of us headed back to the room, while the rest of us ventured out to find McDonald’s. Which is exactly how we ended up at the fire house!

Best bachelorette party ever, in my book!



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