My Favorite Friends Moments

You’ve probably seen it all over social media already, but today is the 10th anniversary of the Friends series finale. Not only is the name of my blog from a Friends scene, but you can normally put money on me watching at least one Friends episode per day. Sometimes I have in on in the background while I cook, but most of the time, I pop one of the seasons in our DVD player before bed and fall asleep to the six of ’em. It’s no secret that it’s hands down, my favorite TV show of all time.

Sadly, I was not allowed to watch Friends growing up (thanks a lot, mom and dad!). But as I got older, I grew to love it. Many blogs and websites listed the best Friends episodes, moments, fun facts, etc. so I thought it would be fun to share my own opinions on that in honor of this “holiday.”


I had a REALLY hard time narrowing down my Favorite Friends Moments, but someone had to do it.

10. Ross and Chandler go to Vermont

I think this is the most underrated Friends episode of all time. Nobody ever brings it up when they talk about their favorites, but Chandler and Ross are two of the funniest characters on the show and this whole episode is centered around a trip they take together to Vermont. Ross and his damn maple candies.

9. Bratt Pitt Comes to Thanksgiving

I love this episode because of Jen and Brad, but the whole I Hate Rachel Green Club thing is genius. I can watch this scene over and over again.

8. Monica’s Secret Closet

I identify with Monica the most out of all the characters and I adore this episode because Chandler finally breaks and does anything he can to find out what’s in that closet. And I love that it’s just as messy as we all hoped it would be. Makes Monica’s character even better!

7. Chandler Beats Mike in Ping Pong

Monica has a competitive side, once again, just like me. I love that Chandler balances her out, but in this scene, he wins it for her.

6. The Geller Cup

Out of all the Thanksgiving episodes, this one is absolutely my favorite without a doubt. Everything about it makes me laugh over and over again.

5. Monica Opens Every Wedding Gift

Again, I identify the most with Monica and this is SO me. I could hardly wait to open CARDS that came in the mail for our wedding, let alone gifts. Ha!

4. The Game

Three words: Miss Chanadler Bong.

3. Monica and Chandler Hook Up

I hate everything about Ross and Emily’s wedding, but I absolutely love how Monica and Chandler get together and think that their whole sneaking around thing is hilariously awesome.

2. When Monica and Chandler Find Out They’re Having Twins

They tried so hard for so long to have kids and they went through such a long adoption process, I absolutely LOVE that they got twins in the end.

1. She Got Off the Plane

Everything. Just EVERYTHING about this scene.

What’s your favorite Friends moment?

What’s your favorite episode?


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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Friends Moments

  1. Fun!
    10. Maple candy? So funny!
    9. I also love this one!
    7. I think it’s awesome Matthew Perry was actually awesome at ping pong.
    6. My favorite thanksgiving episode is the one where Ross got high.
    3. I also hate everything else about the Ross/Emily relationship!
    2. And 1. Amen.

    I also wasn’t allowed to watch it when it was on, but on my goodness, I love it now!

    • I know – I kept calling it mashuga nuts in my blog post but I just watched that episode the other day and realized it was maple candy. OOPS! The thanksgiving where Ross got high is pretty darn good too. And I am so glad someone else hates Ross & Emily! 🙂

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