My First Storm Chase

As I wrote earlier, yesterday’s storm chase was something completely new to me and I was excited to experience one of Kevin’s favorite hobbies first hand.

We began our storm chase by heading west, then north to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We drove around Omaha and through Sioux City, Iowa – two relatively new places for me! I had never been to SD before, and I was happy to check that off my list. I had also never been to Minnesota so I was able to knock that one out too!

Kevin had me be the “navigator” so I got the good ole atlas out. Thank goodness we had that because I hardly got any cell service.

We were near Sioux Falls and Kevin decided the storms would be about an hour north of there in Brookings, SD and far western MN, so we kept driving. All I could think about was, “30 minutes further north, is an hour later we get home…” but I tried to stay positive and optimistic because it was Kevin’s day.

Once we got to Brookings, we pulled over and watched this bad boy pop up.

It was very windy!

Now for your average gal, I think I know a lot about the weather. For instance, there is a lot of jargon that goes along with meteorology and I’ve picked up on a lot of it through the years. It’s still funny though to hear these words come out of Kevin’s mouth every 15 minutes…I can’t help but chuckle:

  • tor (tornado)
  • nado (tornado)
  • shear
  • boundary layer
  • anvil
  • updraft
  • down draft
  • cu
  • “firing up” when referring to the storms growing
  • “this guy” when referring to different cells
We didn’t follow “this guy” because it kept going north of where we wanted to be, but we checked the radar and it had a tornado warning on it!

We headed south a bit after deciding not to go after that one and we saw some really cool wall clouds!

We just sat on a dirt road and listened to the wind. There wasn’t another person in sight. Even though I’m definitely the city-loving type, I really appreciated how beautiful it was.

Around 9 p.m. we headed back to Des Moines which meant we got home a little before 2 a.m. I hit the hay and got up two hours later to get to the airport in time for my 6 a.m. flight. The things I do for love!!! Don’t worry, I took some Dramamine and had a lovely nap on the plane. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “My First Storm Chase

  1. Yay South Dakota! You actually drove right past the town where Roger grew up – Dell Rapids. It is about 15 minutes north of Sioux Falls. I’m glad you got to check SD off your list, even if it is a boring state:) And welcome to Texas! As Roger and I are now Texans, we hope you enjoy your stay!

    • I had no idea Roger was from SD! So fun! I really enjoyed my time in Texas, even though I was only there for two days. 🙂 Hope the move is going well!

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