(My) Top 5 Christmas Movies

Christmas is here! Christmas is here! My favorite holiday is finally here! We’ve decorated the tree…


Went to my work holiday party…


I went to my work’s annual Snatch & Grab…


We made cookies on cookies on cookies…


We shopped and wrapped presents…


And of course, we watched tons of Christmas movies…


There are dozens of holiday movies out there, but I have a handful that I watch every single December around this time. And they are…

5. Christmas with the Kranks

I think the reason I find this movie so funny, is because the mom and dad in this film are so much like my parents. The plot is they are going to skip Christmas and go on a cruise because their daughter is away serving in the Peace Corps. Well, she calls at the last minute and says she’s coming home, so the mom goes mad getting the house ready for her to be home. If I come home for even a weekend, my mom has to make sure the house is perfect. Must be a mom thing.

4. Elf

Byeee Budddyyyyyy, hope you find your daaaaaddd.

3. The Holiday

Two words: Jude Law. But really, this movie is so great. It isn’t really a Christmas movie but it centers around two women who switch houses during the holiday and there’s a couple awwwdorable love stories thrown in there. But really, Jude Law.

2. Christmas Vacation

Kevin finally watched this whole movie with me last night. Mission accomplished. It really doesn’t get much better than Chevy Chase.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

Ah, my favorite Christmas movie of all time. Ever since Kevin and I moved into our house, we’ve made it a little tradition to watch it the night we exchange presents. We don’t always exchange gifts on the same day because our Christmas plans are always changing depending on his work schedule, but we like to cook a nice meal, open each others gifts and watch It’s a Wonderful Life to simply remind us, how wonderful life really is.

Honorable Mention: I’ll Be Home for Christmas 

Yes, the one with JTT and Jessica Biel. It’s so bad but so good! I think I watched it way too many times as a kid so it’s really nostalgic for me, but I can’t help watch it around this time every year.

P.S. I have a confession. I think I might be the only person on earth who doesn’t like the movie Love Actually. There, I said it.


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