Despite living just a few hours away from Nashville, Kevin and I have never been there before. Well, I’ve been for work but those were just lame day trips. So when my parent’s friends happened to have extra Blues tickets for a game, we couldn’t pass up a weekend trip to Nashvegas! We just went for one night, but one night was plenty. I think we were hungover for a straight week.

When we first got to town, we ate lunch at Peg Leg Porker, a local BBQ place in The Gulch neighborhood.


I was in charge of looking up places to eat while Kevin drove, and as soon as I saw “BBQ nachos” on the menu, I plugged in their address faster than you could say, “extra jalapeños, please.” They did. not. disappoint, my friends.


We went to a local brewery but we both thought the beers were disgusting so I shant name names. Then we went to the hotel to pregame and get ready for the BLUUUUES game! I couldn’t believe how many St. Louis fans were in downtown Nashville. It was amazing! It was seriously so exciting to be around hockey fans again.


We stopped in a few bars on our way to the stadium, which is right in the heart of downtown.


Oh, the Blues won. Muahahahahahahaaa.


After the game, we ate a late dinner at The Stillery and we both got Nashville HOT chicken, our new favorite thing. Kev got the hot chicken pizza and I indulged myself with the hot chicken mac n cheese. I need hot chicken in my life, like…once a week from now on.


We went to a-many-a bars around SoBro the rest of the night. So many, that I found this random picture on my phone and I have no idea what it is supposed to be a picture of…


Nashvegas, you win. We love you, and we will be back.

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