New House // Master Bedroom

I’ve posed a few photos of our new home here and there on Instagram or Facebook and so many people have asked to see more, so I figured I’d share progress room-by-room. First up? The master bedroom!

We mostly kept the same decor from our bedroom in Louisville (and now looking back at that page, I realize we actually did “finish” the bedroom finally but I never updated my blog #gofigure), but chose darker paint colors this time around. The bedroom in our new house is much smaller than in our first house, so we thought darker walls – one navy accent wall (Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore) and the other walls a complimentary medium-toned grey (Classic French Grey by Sherwin Williams) – would make it nice and cozy.

The previous owners had these amazing built-in wardrobes installed in the bedroom, so we don’t have a need for dressers at all. We also have a small walk-in closet so despite the small room, there’s a lot of great storage.

We painted the trim and ceilings in the room as well so everything is freshly painted and looks really crisp in real life. We kept the same lights, headboard and bedding, but chose to buy new nightstands to better fit the size of the room. And I just love the original hardwoods in the room!

I had both girls in the bedroom with me while I was taking these photos and Nala was just the most curious little thing. I just had to include this shot!

Next up, I’ll share our living room and then basement (as those are the only other rooms in the house nearly finished)!

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