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I just realized that since announcing we’re moving, I never really explained what I’m doing about my job! I don’t lead the most exciting life or have the most exciting job in the world, but I thought it was worth mentioning that my current job is letting me stay on with them! I work at a small, Des Moines, Iowa-based PR agency and they’re so wonderful to offer me the opportunity to work remotely. I’ll keep the same duties, hours and responsibilities – I’ll just be moving offices – to our new house in Louisville!

I’ve never worked from home regularly before. When I interned at Weber Shandwick, I worked from home a couple of days when there were “snow days,” and I worked from home once here because a cable guy was coming and Kevin worked. Other than that, I’ve always worked in an office!

Do you have any tips for me for working from home?

I’m so excited to establish a real “office” in our new house. I’ve been pinning so many cute office ideas lately! The first thing I’m doing, is inflating my old exercise ball and making that my office chair. I also recently purchased this poster and I cannot wait to find the perfect place for it in my new office!


Unfortunately I won’t get to have my dream fancy shmancy office until we buy a house and move in. Here’s to dreaming, though!

I also realized that I haven’t talked about my engagement ring in some time. After the fiasco we had, I’m happy to say we’ve had NO problems with the new ring! No missing diamonds, no bent prongs, nothing! Hallelujah!

I sure am glad my ring’s in good shape because I cannot stop wearing Essie’s Miss Fancy Pants polish.

Tonight looks like a “cookie night” for me. Whenever I cook something that is less than desirable or there isn’t enough (this happens often because I fear that we’ll have way too many leftovers, when instead we are both still hungry after eating), Kevin and I declare the night a “cookie night” which means we make some sort of a snack to make up for the sucky dinner. Since we have NO food in our house right now, I made a tiny little quesadilla which was not fulfilling at all. Hence, cookie night tonight!

Good little snack, huh?

When I was home in STL, my grandma left some wedding magazines for me so I’m off to check those out and catch the end of the Cards game!

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6 thoughts on “New Office Decor

  1. Michael worked from home for an agency out of NW Arkansas for a year and a half. Biggest thing is establishing a work space (which you are doing) and keeping on a good schedule. Work to get up at a regular time in the morning, get ready and get out of your “office” to work at a coffee shop sometimes and go on lunch dates!

    And where did you get that poster? It’s my FAVORITE!!

  2. Gabby!! Your blog is so adorable. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you buy your domain name from? Did you have a blog through blogger or wordpress before, and then transferred everything over, or did you just start with your own domain name? I am trying to figure all of this out, so that it’s easier in the long run, if I were to set up more than just a blog on my own website. Any tips would be appreciated!! <3!!

    • Awe Amelia you are so sweet! It has taken way too long to get it looking this way and it is so NOT professional by any means! I bought my name through BlueHost and do all of my hosting through them. I read a LOT of tutorials on what self-hosting was, but basically it means I get all css controls of my design (not that I do anything awesome with them) and I can place ads on WordPress (which is something I recently started doing). So when I started, I had a wordpress free domain ( but then I upgraded to be self-hosting with my own domain, but my platform is still wordpress. Does that make any sense at all? Probably not, but I hope it helps! Check out who writes a LOT about setting up her blog. She even has a whole section dedicated to it!

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