Not 21 Anymore

I’ve been a little MIA this week due to a quick business trip to Jackson, MS for a client. Somehow, I made all four of my flights with minimal delays and got back last night. That’s a miracle given my recent luck with planes!

Anyways! This past Saturday, we went to an Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl on the popular 4th Street Live downtown. SO. MUCH. FUN. We went out for Sara’s little sister, Lori’s 21st birthday celebration and I think it’s safe to say us old folks showed her a good time!

We looked greeeeaaaaaat.

Earlier in the day, Sara and I cleaned Goodwill out of their ugly sweaters. Lori (far left) is wearing her grandma’s own ugly sweater – too funny!


I wore Sara and Lori’s mom’s turtleneck (super cute, by the way, Mrs. P!) and a vest from Goodwill. Because we didn’t know if we had enough sweaters to go around, I also made an old cardigan I had laying around into an ugly sweater by stapling some ribbon to it.



Fourth Street Live had a great deal where we all paid $7 each for free cover and $2 beers and $3 well drinks. We even got a free cup…which I managed to lose the two we got at the end of the night…

Lori loves lemon drops!


We went to a handful of different bars and along the way, I ran into a friendly face from Valpo! Great to see you, Robin!


I can’t decide if I’d like to thank the bartender who gave us two shots and two Bud Lights for $8 to kick the night off, or blame him. Either way, lesson learned: I’m not 21 anymore!




Paid for it the next day, but it was worth it.

Happy birthday, Lori!!! Hope you had so much fun!!

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