NYC with Katie – Part 2

After a lovely first day of being in NYC, Katie and I woke up to some pretty terrible weather on Friday.

IMG_2414 BUT, we put on our long underwear (don’t judge me – I was warm) and grabbed our umbrellas to eat breakfast at the best bagel place on earth – Murray’s in Greenwich Village. Plain with cream cheese for her; whole grain with egg and cheese for me. Plus two coffees, of course.

IMG_2416I was a little bit nervous to publicly admit this, but the tour was too good to not talk about. When Katie and I began researching things to do in NYC, we decided to book ourselves an afternoon of sightseeing…by way of the Gossip Girl On-Location tour. YES, yes, yes. We admit it!

I’ll talk more about it in a minute, but I do have to say that we do not regret this tour ONE bit. And here’s why:

1. To us, GG is our guilty pleasure and escape. It’s so completely unrealistic and unrelated to our lives, that it makes it entertaining to us.

2. We’re both equally obsessed.

3. The weather was really crappy. Yes, snow in NYC is absolutely beautiful…to look at. Not so much beautiful to walk in all day.

4. We saw more of NYC during our 3.5 hour hop-on-hop-off bus tour than we ever could have covered in a whole entire weekend by using our own two feet or the subway system.

So what did we see?

The tour began at The Palace Hotel, Chuck and Serena’s home during the first couple of seasons. Unfortunately, it was under construction, but it was still beautiful!

IMG_2421 Then we headed to school! This is the “front” Constance and St. Jude.


The back of the school wasn’t around the corner. No, no. It was filmed in an entirely different area – at the Museum of the City of New York.

IMG_2432 Katie and I took a break from the tour to walk to Central Park and take some pictures. Like I said, so beautiful with the snow!

IMG_2435 IMG_2436 Our next stop was to The Met where Katie posed near the infamous lunch steps.

IMG_2439 While driving, we spotted Nate’s house! Fun fact: this was the only house exterior that actually had its interior filmed as well. Most of the interior shots (school, homes, etc.) were movie sets at a different location, but Nate’s house scenes were actually filmed here. This place has owners, and the CW just ‘rented’ the space from the actual owners. Oh you know, no big deal, they just live in a place so fabulous that TV shows want to film it.

IMG_2440 The Empire Hotel was up next! This was probably my personal favorite stop of the tour because it looked exactly like it does in the show!


Can you guess our next stop? Right to Harry Winston, where Katie and I pretended like the rocks on our fingers were Harry Winston’s. 😉

IMG_2451 IMG_2453 After oo-ing and ah-ing over the jewels, we stopped by Grand Central Terminal. I was most excited for this stop because I had never been here before! It was beautiful inside!

IMG_2456 IMG_2459 IMG_2466Before we knew it, our tour was coming to an end. But not before our tour guide gave away macaroons! And who won half of a box of macaroons by answering Gossip Girl questions correctly? That would be Katie and I. (I’m not sure if that’s awesome, or embarrassing.) 

Once our tour was over, we ventured out to Times Square to enjoy a hot dog! When in New York.


We didn’t have anything planned before dinner, so we wandered into different shops and stores on Fifth Ave.

We walked into Banana Republic casually browsing when we happened to literally walk into SNL filming a skit (yes, we walked into the part of the store where they were filming…without realizing all of the cameras and lights. We’re observant.)

IMG_2477 The skit we saw filmed was for the NuvaBling skit on the most recent SNL (you know, the one where JT Harlem Shaked it out in a vegan tofu costume?). The actress, Cecily Strong, was hilarious!

Katie and I were both hoping JT would bust out of the Banana Republic dressing room, or we’d at least spot Amy or  Jason, but we’ll take what we can get. And spotting an SNL skit is pretty cool in our opinion. (Comparable to running into Jake Gyllenhaal on the street the last time I was in NYC)

IMG_2481 Katie and I parted ways for dinner because I had a client dinner meeting and on my way to go change for it, I stopped to snag a picture of all these brave souls waiting on the streets for a ticket to see the SNL taping. I told them they were filming a skit at Banana Republic around the corner and a few people left to go check it out. Just helping one SNL fan out at a time.

IMG_2489After our dinners, Katie and I met back up at the hotel and changed to go out and explore SoHo and Greenwich Village some more.


IMG_2495We just so happened to run into the Kate Spade Flagship Store…it was meant to be.

IMG_2496 We stopped at GMT Tavern around the corner to grab a couple potent Manhattans. #wheninmanhattan!

IMG_2497 Katie and I had the best time just walking the streets of SoHo and Greenwich Village, spotting cute little doors, streets, stores and bars.

IMG_2498 IMG_2499 IMG_2500 We somehow ended up at the best place of the night – The Blind Tiger. We met some new friends in line for the bathroom, and enjoyed ourselves a couple Brooklyner Weisses…absolutely delicious. I will be searching for some-o-dat on my next beer-buying adventure.

IMG_2501 Sadly, The Blind Tiger brought the last part of our New York trip to an end. We woke up on Satuday to a warm(er) sunny NYC day, naturally. Just in time to go home.

IMG_2511Once again, NYC was fantastic. I can’t wait for my next trip back.


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