Old French Doors

I should have posted yesterday’s post today, and today’s post yesterday. I really hate day-late syndrom. I suffer from it all too often.

So we have these old french doors that are wood rotten on the bottoms, and I don’t know what to do with them.

IMG_3339 IMG_3340

The glass is still in good shape, and other than a bit of wood rot at the bottom, they’re not complete trash.

I should also mention they’re heavy as you-know-what.

We have been debating on saving them for a project, throwing them away or putting them on Craigslist as a free item with the hopes that someone just comes and picks them up. Thoughts? What would you do with these suckers?

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4 thoughts on “Old French Doors

  1. KEEP THEM! If you don’t have your table assignments figure out, you could make great use out of them for that. I used doors from the side of the road that I painted with chalkboard paint 🙂 Or, you could put photos behind the glass and display in an easel for decor? SOMEONE planning their wedding has GOT to want these babies. Or! You could chalkboard paint the side with the plain glass and use as a menu/prayer board/who-cares-cuz-it’s-cute-something-or-other. If all that doesn’t sound appealing, beer pong or flip cup tables 🙂

    • Using them for the wedding really is a good idea! My only concern with that is wondering how we’d get them to STL. They’re SO heavy (and really big) so that might be an issue. Using them for table assignments is a good idea though. And your last idea may be best of all – we’ll probably keep them JUST for that! 🙂

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