One Big Fat Goal

You guys.

Today I did something that I never thought I would do in my entire life.
















I paid a whole lotta money to run a whole lotta miles.

Disney World Princess Half Marathon 2015, here I come!


Time out while I catch my breath.

My thoughts behind the post On Exercise as a 20 Something sort of lead to this journey of trying to build up endurance and miles each week. Our Color Run in June came and went and I went about a week without any running at all. It felt weird.

Is that weird? I never thought I’d be the person who missed running, but I started to.

Then I took another week or two off, and I missed it again. It was something that I couldn’t shake! Even though it was just a mile or two, I felt better about myself both physically and mentally the days after a run.


I used to joke with Kevin, who is a runner by nature, that the only way in hell I’d run 13 miles, would be if it was through the Magic Kingdom.

Talk about putting your foot in your mouth.

So we threw the idea around and I got my 55-year-old aunt, who just completed a triathlon (!), on board and now here we are, paying money to run 13.1 miles…for FUN. Who am I?!

Kevin knows this race is geared towards girls but he was just thrilled that I am putting myself up to this challenge. It will probably be the hardest thing I will ever do, physically and maybe even mentally since running is such a mental game.

But life only happens once and you’re only 25 once so why not?!

I plan to share every damn step of the way here on the blog so after it’s over, I can reread and actually believe without a doubt that I was, at one point, totally insane to be doing this. I hope to post the good, the bad and the ugly (missing toenails and all, because I hear that actually happens).

And because this race is in February, we’ll be training in the dead of winter. Although the training plan I decided to follow doesn’t start until 12 weeks out, I’m trying to get 3 runs in per week, of at least 2-4 miles, now. I’m starting out slow, feeling comfortable with “long” (to me) runs and being comfortable finding my pace. There’s no time goal for now, just to run and train and not die in front of Mickey Mouse.


I’m also hoping to find a beginners running group here in Louisville to train with, because Kevin and I will not be running this one together. Dude is fast and with the amount of money we’re paying to run this, we both want him to be able to do his personal best while I try to do my personal best. I just hope I can keep up with my aunt! She’s fit!


One last thing: Gracie fully supports my decision to be a half marathoner.

Wish me luck! Because seriously, I’ll need it.

Any advice to first-time half marathoners?

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11 thoughts on “One Big Fat Goal

  1. You will LOVE it!! I’ve done 5 of them. I’m doing the Walt Disney World one in January. Let me know if you have any specific questions – I love running and love when others get in to it and post about their journeys! Good Luck!

    • You’ve done FIVE? Oh my goodness! I will definitely let you know if I have questions. I’m so nervous already!!

  2. Awesome! Find a running store in Louisville and it will more than likely have a running group for you to join. 13.1 seems so out of reach but as you train it will get easier to believe you can do it! Just set out to finish and you can be disappointed!! Personal opinion…winter is the best time to train 🙂 no crazy humidity and running tights are so comfy and stylish!! Good luck!

    • Thanks so much, Michelle! Great suggestion on finding a running store. I think I’m also due for new running shoes so I’ll make sure to find one soon. And you’re definitely making winter training sound much better than I’m thinking!

  3. I did the Princess half marathon in 2013 and I LOVED it. It was my first. I signed up for the Wine and Dine half marathon this November and I’m super pumped. You will totally love it. I’m not a runner by nature and I find the Jeff Galloway method works well for me. I have a weird tip. I wasn’t used to the humidity and I wish someone would have told me to pack a wash cloth in my little running belt so that I could wipe the water off me. It was sooo annoying! It was also mixed with sunscreen but if you run fast enough then maybe you won’t be out in the sun for long and you wont need it 😉 Also, find a 10k to do before the race. Just running in one will bump you up a corral and you want to be in B or C if you can. Best of luck!

    • Wonderful tips, Courtney! Thank you SO very much! Best of luck at the Wine and Dine – and have a blast! We were there in October for Wine and Dine for our honeymoon and LOVED it.

  4. So jelly! Just yesterday I was trying to convince my husband to let me do this one again next year! As for the race, go all out with a costume (Kevin too!) and take a camera with you to take lots of pictures. Do not worry about your time because run disney races are more about enjoying it than going as fast as you can! I mean, you paid $170 for it so you might as well enjoy every sweaty minute, amirite?! When I went it was super humid, so keep that in mind when planning a costume (I saw lots of tutus on the side of the road) and it is great you have some companions because a few portions of the course are snooze city. Don’t worry if you don’t get all your training in- all the adrenaline and your running companions will keep you going, plus all the other runners and disney entertainment. And Ifyou miss a long run, don’t try and skip to the next long run bc you might injure yourself! Gradually busing up mileage is best. :). Good luck and have fun!!

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