One Weekend in May

May was an intense month. We had two weddings, a graduation, a Derby and a vacation. My bank account is suffering and my shorts hardly fit, but we survived a crazy May and June is just about here.

So one weekend in May, to start our vacation, we went to Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Kevin’s sister Alison graduated college so we went up for that! I didn’t remember how long (and painful) college graduations are.


I was super excited to see her walk across the stage, but once that was over, we had to watch all the E-Z’s and, well, that was boring.


The post-graduation banquet had champagne, though, so it was worth the two-hour ceremony!



We unfortunately couldn’t stick around very long. We had celebrated the night before with dinner and we gave her our gift then, so we didn’t feel too bad scooting out right after we took some family pictures.


We ventured over to Indianapolis from the graduation because my college sorority sister was getting married! Because of the graduation, we missed the actual wedding ceremony, which I hated to miss, but we made it in time for the reception.



Valpo/Kappa wedding receptions are maybe my favorite events ever.

All of our college friends live all across the country – Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Denver, etc. to name a few – so it’s really, really fun when we’re able to get together for a night of dancing and drinking.






After the reception ended, we all went out to the bars in downtown Indy. I had never been out in Indy before and, well, it was just great. I even ran into my coworker Matthew!


We moved…slow…the next morning and some of us ventured over to First Watch for breakfast. Chilaquiles for. the. win.


It was a wonderful weekend full of plenty to celebrate! We’re so happy for Alison and her graduation, and Emily & Alex on their marriage!

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