Our Wedding: Little Details

Tonight, I picked up a new beer to try! The Goose Island Sixth Day was on sale at our local Kroger so I thought I’d try it and wowza, I love! If I’m going to be miserable with this freezing weather, I might as well enjoy good wintery beer!

goose island sixth day

Before it got dark out, I got the courage to brave the snow and freezing temperature to take Gracie for a quick walk around the block. This poor girl has been so deprived of outdoor fun and games, so I think she was pretty pumped to have some outdoor time.

snowy golden retriever

Now…for the good stuff!

When initially planning our wedding, I didn’t really think too much about the things like my Something New, Used, Borrowed and Blue. I did, however, know well in advance what type of shoes I wanted to wear! Slowly but surely, it all came together.

Something New

My dress! This was an easy one.

A St. Louis Wedding | Laura Ann Miller Photography

Something Used

My momma’s dress from her wedding in 1988 was covered in lace, so she let me use some of that lace to wrap around my bouquet.

A St. Louis Wedding | Laura Ann Miller Photography

Something Borrowed

I actually wore two garters! My mom let me borrow the toss garter she meant to wear at her wedding, but forgot to put on, so I wore that for Kevin to toss out to the dudes, which was caught by our groomsman, Peter!

A St. Louis Wedding | Laura Ann Miller Photography

Something Blue

My garter #2! Kevin’s aunt, who also made my veil, made me a gorgeous garter that had a navy piece of ribbon in it to match my wedding colors. I kept that one.

And a Penny in my Shoe

I didn’t know this was a “thing” or even part of that saying until before the ceremony when my dad was trying to put a penny in my shoe! Apparently, the original saying goes, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” The silver sixpence is meant to resemble wealth and good fortune, and – at least in our family – the father of the bride always puts a penny in the bride’s shoe. That’s exactly what my daddy-o did right before we walked down the aisle!

A St. Louis Wedding | Laura Ann Miller Photography

My Shoes

I think I bought my wedding shoes a good four months before even thinking about my wedding dress. As I said about dress shopping, my number one priority (you know, right after the budget) was comfort. And comfort was what I got!

I’ve been a Sperry shoe lover for as long as I can remember. And because I grew up on the water either on my parent’s boat, canoeing down some river in Missouri or on the beach in Destin, FL., it was really a no brainer when I saw these Sperry boat shoes online a few months before we even got engaged: these would one day be my wedding shoes.

And that, they were!

I wore ’em around the house for a few weeks to make sure they were broken in and I didn’t have a single complaint about my feet (or entire wardrobe) the night of the wedding. So comfortable!

A St. Louis Wedding | Laura Ann Miller Photography

My Jewelry

I am not going to lie to you. I bought the earrings I wore for my wedding two days before my wedding. Cutting it a big close, eh?!

I got them from the cutest little store, Melanie’s, which my mom actually delivers mail to in Ladue!

A St. Louis Wedding | Laura Ann Miller Photography

Hair Piece

I didn’t like the way the belt looked on the dress at all, so I ended up using the belt as a hair piece! I really wanted to have something Kate Spade on my wedding day because I lost my Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority pin so I couldn’t wear that. Kate Spade is a Kappa and joining a sorority at Valpo was something I never thought I’d do, but it was the best decision I made there (besides dating Kevin!).

I ordered these Kate Spade earrings to wear, but I thought they looked too big. Since I bought them final sale, I couldn’t return ’em, but wanted to use them somehow, so I removed the backing and hot glued the earrings to the belt. Voila – a hair piece! Here’s an up-close shot of how it turned out.

I loved having a piece of Kappa with me on my wedding day!

A St. Louis Wedding | Laura Ann Miller Photography

I’ve even worn it a handful of times since our wedding!


As you all know by now, Friends is my faaaavorite TV show on earth, ever, period. Kevin likes it too! I saw these cards online and bought two right away, with the hopes of using this as the stationary we’d write notes to each other the morning of the wedding.

Turns out…umm…we got too busy and totally forgot to actually write something in the cards. OOPS! We kept them and will hopefully save them for a special date in the future – perhaps on our 1 year anniversary!

A St. Louis Wedding | Laura Ann Miller Photography

Here’s Kevin pretending to read. 😉

A St. Louis Wedding | Laura Ann Miller Photography

Welp, that’s that for the little details! More to come!

When should we use the You’re My Lobster cards we have?

What were your Something New, Used, Borrowed and Blue?

Had you ever heard of the Penny in the Shoe part?

(All photos are credited to Laura Ann Miller Photography.)

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6 thoughts on “Our Wedding: Little Details

    • I’m not going to lie, I forgot what my something borrowed was so I had to text my mom! THIS IS WHY I BLOG. 🙂

  1. My new was my dress
    My borrowed was a ring from my godmother/aunt who has been there for me whenever I needed her.
    My old was my grandmother’s diamond/gold bracelet that I have worn many times since the wedding. It was something my mom had planned on handing down to me.
    My something blur was my underwear because my garter was made of Cleveland browns material and blue just doesn’t match!

    I have never heard of the penny in the shoe but I like it!!

    • Ha ha I like that your garter was Brown fabric so you had to go with blue undies! You had to include it somehow! 🙂

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