Our Wedding: Registering

How was your weekend?! Kevin and I spent our lively Friday night at Best Buy switching my plan from Sprint to Verizon so we can be one of those married couples that actually has the same account. It took 2.5 hours, but at least I walked away with a shiny new silver iPhone 5S – no more cracked screen! Kevin worked this weekend but I kept busy with cleaning up and organizing. Do you ever have one of those weekends where you feel like all you did was work, work, work but there’s nothing to show for it? I swear I went through our Christmas presents and put most of them away, but our great room still looks like a disaster. I swear that I cleaned out the entire basement, but it’s not like I see it every minute of every day. And I swear that the storage area upstairs looks brand new, but I hardly ever go in there! Let’s not even talk about the bedroom, guest room and living room closets – I think I’m going to start leaving all of those doors open so it actually feels like I got something done!

There’s not too many new and exciting things happening today – we’re just getting ready for New Year’s Eve and having Kevin’s family in town this coming weekend…oh and making plans for the Bengals playoff game on Sunday! In the meantime, I wanted to share our experience registering for our wedding – so fun!

Registering had to have been one of my favorite parts about wedding planning. It didn’t cost us anything and we could change our mind 1,000 times if we wanted to. That’s my kind of wedding task!

Based off where our friends and family members had registered, and from what we read online, we decided to register at three stores: Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrel.

Here are some of my tips for future registerers:

  • Do register in store: it’s nice to touch/look at the items in person vs. imagine what they look like online
  • Do go during a week day: do not go to Target on a Saturday afternoon. Just don’t. And if you do, at least bring a flask.
  • Do register for a items in a variety of price ranges: we picked out a handful of pretty expensive items (like a new camera, vacuum, tent, KitchenAid, luggage, a grill and bedding), middle priced items (like our place settings, camping/grilling gear, barware) and inexpensive items (like $1.50 condiment cups and kitchen gadgets).
  • Do register together: Kevin and I are not fans of shopping (he is definitely not a fan), but we had fun together! We had just bought a house and we had a blast imagining using the items we were registering for.
  • Do register for expensive things: we registered for our camera thinking never in a million years would we receive it, but we knew that Target gave a 10% discount on all items left on your registry after your wedding so we assumed we could save up and use the discount to purchase it. Turns out, we got the camera from Kevin’s mom!
  • Do go aisle by aisle: you never know what you’ll find and you might miss something great if you skip one! (Except the baby aisles, don’t even look in that direction.)
  • Do give the price gun to the dudes: they have more fun this way.
  • Do not worry about duplicates: we registered for a trash can at each store because we kept finding one we liked better as we went. It was easy to go online and delete the items we didn’t want. Click away!
  • Do not go on an empty stomach: hangry (hungry + angry) shopping is never fun.
  • Do not go do it all in one day: registering is an ongoing process, so one store a day is plenty. You don’t want to get burned out, plus you’ll be terribly confused by wondering what in the world you registered for if you do it all at once. Take your time, go online, delete, add, delete, add and so on.


We decided to register at Target first because it was the store we were most familiar with, and we figured we could get a lot of the big and small items picked out here. The Target by us has a Pizza Hut so I kept Kevin a happy camper by fueling him with two orders of breadsticks throughout the evening.

Target was great because we signed up using their computer system, were handed a price gun and sent out our way! We had free reign to register in which department first, so we decided to literally go up and down each aisle (except for the obvious ones like clothes, shoes, baby stuff).

We added a ton of stuff to our registry from Target, like: a camera, vacuum, bedding, kitchen items, a tent, a bunch of other camping gear and bathroom accessories. Target was a great place to start!



Bed Bath & Beyond

While I love Bed Bath & Beyond’s return policy and coupons, registering here was our least favorite place. They have an entire registry department in the back of the store and they had a registry consultant walk around the store to help us pick out items for the first hour we were there. They also made it seem like we should only register at one store (theirs) and seemed offended when we didn’t want to register for things like knives or baking sheets because we had already registered for those at other stores. She even told us we had to register for place settings there (seriously!), but we ended up loving them anyways so that didn’t matter too much. Once our consultant left us alone, however, we had a good time wandering the aisles!

Things we registered for at Bed Bath & Beyond included: place settings, our KitchenAid, pots, more kitchen gadgets, serving dishes, additional kitchen electronics like a blender, additional bedding items like a down comforter and mattress topper, luggage and an indoor/outdoor speaker.

(A little backstory about the KitchenAid Mixer: I have wanted one for as long as I can remember – ever since I was a little girl and I used to joke that the only reason I wanted to get married was so I could register for one of them! I think my grandma bought us the Mixer the day after we got engaged, knowing we’d add it to our registry. 😉 )


Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is such a fun store! Registering here was our favorite experience out of all three because they have a special registry event once a month just for couples. They close the store to the public and even served us breakfast! That right there makes them the winners.

Here, we registered for things like: barware, silverware, pans, fun serving platters (like a bread and oil server), knives, more bedding items and a grill.


Like I said above, I think registering was my favorite part of the entire wedding planning process! We didn’t have to write a big fat check or stress about making an important decision. Plus it was something we could both do together!

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