Our Wedding: Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

When it came to our rehearsal dinner, Kevin and I had little desire to plan a fancy dinner at a restaurant. We were already planning the wedding ourselves from afar, and we didn’t think it was necessary to go all out on a rehearsal dinner, especially since it was meant to be just us and our closest friends/family in attendance. When my parents offered to host a rehearsal dinner BBQ at their house, where they did all the planning and cooking, we were all for it!

We really had nothing to do with the menu, decor or details – it was all my parents! We can’t thank them enough. For the food, my parents made their famous St. Louis pork steaks, smoked chicken, Pasta House salad, toasted raviolis, potatoes and green beans. For dessert, we served the famous Cincinnati Graeter’s ice cream!

Their house isn’t huge so we decided to have people eat outside in our backyard and our garage area. The night before the rehearsal dinner, me, Kevin, Danny, Sara and my parents worked so hard to hang Christmas lights in the garage and throughout the back yard to make it look a little more romantic, but we all forgot to turn them on the night of the rehearsal. Oops!



To help my parents prep with cooking, we spent part of the day cutting and chopping. Kevin was on onion duty…


While Sara and I were on ice cream duty. We got the good end of that deal!


My parents did a great job setting up their fire pits throughout the backyard and brought in hay barrels for people to sit on.


I assisted with supervision of the BBQ.


Our rehearsal itself was such a breeze thanks to our priest, Father Kevin and the priest of the church where we got married, Father Carl.




Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures of the rehearsal dinner itself, but after rehearsing at the church, we all headed to my parent’s house where some of us changed into more comfy attire (like my Cards jersey because it was Game 6 of the NLCS!). My dad moved a TV to the porch so people could watch the game if they wanted to.


My parents surprised us with custom wedding koozies that they handed out to our wedding party! (Side note: if anyone in attendance didn’t get a koozie and wants one, I have approximately 25. I’ll mail ya one.)

At the rehearsal dinner, my MOH Katie gave me a hanger that she handmade for my wedding dress! So special!


We gave one another our last smooch as single people before everyone headed out to get a good night’s sleep before the big day!


It turned out to be a great (non-stressful) way to kick off the wedding weekend!

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