Our Wedding: The Wedding Party

Choosing our wedding party was another one of our favorite wedding tasks! Kevin and I have some pretty great family and friends in our lives, but we decided to have five groomsmen, five bridesmaids and three ushers to be a part of our wedding party. It turned out to be the perfect amount of people!


My Matron of Honor was one of my very best friends from college – Katie. I was also the Maid of Honor in her wedding! I also had two of our other best friends from college – Kristina and Rachel (we were all in the same sorority, KKG!), a really good friend who I know from Kevin – Sara, and Kevin’s sister – Alison, as bridesmaids. It was the perfect group of gals!


I was trying to think of cute and creative ways to ask my bridesmaids, but I didn’t go crazy with the traditional Pinterest ideas you see now with ring pops, personalized wine bottles and such. I had an afternoon to myself one day and went through my scrapbooking stuff to find paper that matched our wedding colors. From there, I wrote each of them a personal and heartfelt handmade letter asking them to be in our wedding.


Kevin didn’t get creative when he asked his groomsmen (not that dudes do?) but I know they were all excited to be in the wedding party since they were all great friends already! Kevin’s best friend since he was a little kid, Danny, was his Best Man (who is also engaged to my bridesmaid Sara!). He also asked our three really good friends from college – Peter, George and Matt, and my little brother – Brendan, to be groomsmen.

We also asked Kevin’s cousin – Chris, and two of our other really good friends from college – Mike and Brian (and Kevin’s fraternity brothers, SigEp!) to be ushers.


(This is one of my favorite wedding pictures.)

Like I said above, we have a lot of great family and friends and we wanted to include more people in our special day, so we decided to ask two of our really good friends from college to be readers during our ceremony, and our cousins to be attendants and hand out the programs and welcome our guests. Doing this helped us add more people who we wanted to be involved, without increasing our wedding party size dramatically.

We also put up a little get-to-know our wedding party section on our wedding website, which you can read here!

For attire, my girls wore the same Caspian Blue J. Crew Selma dress in silk taffeta. I saw this bridesmaid dress used in a wedding once and have loved it since! I didn’t pick out a shoe for the girls to wear – I just told them to wear a silver or grey shoe with a heel size of their choice. I think that worked out best!

J. Crew Selma Bridesmaid Dress

The dudes looked SHARP in the tux that we rented from Men’s Wearhouse. We picked the BLACK by Vera Wang tux in grey. Surprisingly, this is the only grey suit that Men’s Wearhouse rents that comes in a slim fit. Yet another way the wedding industry royally screws brides! We shopped around for suits to buy, because that was what we originally wanted to have our wedding party do, but our wedding party came from all over the country (no, literally: Oregon, Missouri, Kentucky, South Dakota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois), so it ended up being easiest to just tell everyone to go to Men’s Wearhouse and rent the tux. (Side note: this wasn’t cheap.) Despite all of that, my hubby, dad, groomsmen and ushers looked awesome in these tuxes!

Men's Wearhouse BLACK by Vera Wang tux in grey


Kevin and I were so excited to give our wedding party their gifts at our rehearsal dinner. I wish I had pictures but I’ll do my best to explain!

The groomsmen received a beer mug with their name and our wedding date etched on them. Our Best Man, Danny, has an uncle who does that sort of thing so it worked out great to have a local person etch them for us! We put the beer mug in a basket that included a card from Kevin, a mini bottle of rum and an old fashioned Coke bottle. They loved them!


For the girls, I gave them their coral necklace that they wore with their dresses the day of the wedding inside a small cloth make-up bag that had their name embroidered on it. My mom found a cute little notepad and mirror that we also included in the make-up bag, as well as a note from me.


Our wedding party was seriously a blast and Kevin and I had the best time spending the entire day with our very best friends – all in one place, which doesn’t happen often since we’re so spread out across the country. We can’t thank them enough for being a part of our day!

More to come!

(All photos are credited to Laura Ann Miller – our amazing wedding photographer!)

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