Our Wedding: Welcome Bags

I am so embarrassed because I thought I was done writing about our wedding but uhhhh I forgot that I planned on sharing our Welcome Bag details and that’s just not something I can skip!

I’ll make this as quick as can be.


We weren’t planning on doing a Welcome Bag at all, but my aunt volunteered to help us put one together and get a lot of the things that went inside so this all sortof came together at the last minute. Here’s what we included:

  • Meet Us In St. Louis sticker (on the front of the bag)
  • Welcome note from Kevin and I
  • Details notecard (times, addresses, etc.) in case someone forgot their invitation
  • Do Not Disturb door card
  • St. Louis and St. Charles welcome books/maps
  • Deck of cards
  • Grippos chips (a Cincinnati thing)
  • Budweiser beer (a St. Louis thing)


Here’s an up-close shot of our welcome letter because I was searching left and right of these sort of ideas when we were planning so I’m happy to put it all out there as a resource.


And here’s the details card we put in the bag as well.


I made the Do Not Disturb signs by sizing my InDesign file to fit a standard 8.5×11 paper, but put two to a page. Make sense? When it printed, it looked like this:


Then I trimmed the edges using this scrapbooking tool that I’ve had forever.


And cut a big hole in the middle of the striped part using this scrapbooking tool that I’ve also had for forever.


Finally, I cut a slit in the side to make room for it to slip over a doorknob.


And voila!


We stuffed the bags the Friday before our wedding while we were setting up for the reception and having that many people on-hand made it hardly take any time at all.


My grandma and aunt went to both hotels we had blocked off and dropped off the bags so the front desks could hand them to our guests as they checked in. (Guests, sorry if you didn’t get one. I’m convinced the Holiday Inn folks stole the bags, drank our beer and ate our chips.)

Regardless, I think they turned out great, especially for being so last minute!


Alright. With that, I think I can officially say I’m done with wedding posts. Forrrreeevvverrrrr! I originally was going to do a full vendor review recap, but I already did all that stuff on the various wedding website so brides: if you want to know what vendors I liked and didn’t like, just ask me.

(But really, nobody use Big Red Events (they provided our linens at the reception) because they suck but if you have your reception at the New Town Events Tent, too bad, you’re stuck with ’em so good luck. Bring your own iron to get out the wrinkles.)

Okay, now I’m really done. 😉

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