Peter & Ali’s Wedding // Portland – Part 4

Final Portland trip recap…woot woot!

Where did we leave off? Ah yes, the 24 hour pool. After that, we had Jack in the Box tacos (I’ll never share the number of tacos we consumed that weekend) and went to bed. Those of us who didn’t have early flights slept in, and the morning was a slow one indeed. We moseyed to breakfast and chugged coffee by the carafe. But by that afternoon, we were feeling well enough to see some more of Portland so Kevin, Danny, Peter, Ali and I headed north to the beautiful Multnomah Falls.


Even though we weren’t in Portland for very long, I feel like we got to see so much of it. We started out on the coast at the beach, then went to the city and we finished off the weekend in the mountains.


We were feeling adventurous so we hiked all the way up to the top. So yes, we climbed 700 feet and hiked 2.2 miles. We had all the #beersweats.


But we made it! And the site was beautiful. We were able to lean over a railing to look down at the falls (scary!).


The view was absolutely gorgeous. The land right across from the river? Oh, that’s just Washington State. Heyyyyy, WA!


We spent the majority of our day at the hike so by the time we were finishing up at Multnomah Falls, it was time for us to head to the airport. Kevin, Danny and I flew together and we had a red eye. We were lucky that Peter and Ali were catching their honeymoon flight around the same time as us, so we drove them to the airport and bought ’em a couple round of beers before we had to say goodbye. One last beer!


It was nearing midnight and we were running out of gas, quickly. We all bought travel pillows on this trip and they were lifesavers…when used correctly.


Not so much when used incorrectly…


….(Kevin truly found this way more comfortable. Ha!)


I tried to get some sleep on the plane but I just cannot get comfortable on planes. I dozed a bit, but we had a layover in Atlanta right when we were supposed to be waking up so instead, I mostly read. However, it’s not flying with me without a delay so we didn’t get home until a couple hours after expected because our plane was leaking fuel. Ugh!


But alas, we finally made it home. Portland and Peter & Ali’s wedding was one for the books and a trip we’ll always remember! We can’t wait to go back!

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