Peter Came to Visit


Things have been busy. And I’ve been having a grand ole time. So I suppose I shouldn’t be too mad at today, which is perhaps the worst Monday of all. You see…all the fun is over. At least for awhile. Our best friend Peter was in town for 10 days and he left early this morning. Our best friends, Danny and Sara, who got married on Saturday, left for their honeymoon this morning. And I woke up sick today. WAHHHHH.

So let’s go ahead and back track a bit because last week is a week to remember. Peter arrived on a Thursday and we headed straight to El Mundo, our favorite margarita place. You know, the place where this happened. #iwontlosethatbet


Friday and Saturday was Danny’s big bachelor party so me and the girls hung out and worked on some wedding crafts. We ate a hilariously good dinner. We had sushi, edamame hummus and homemade guacamole as an appetizer. Our main course consisted of boneless buffalo chicken wings, with ranch of course. And we had margaritas. Sounds disgusting but we vegged big time and I loved every second of girl time.

photo 1

photo 2

On Sunday, we all took Peter on the Big Four Bridge, a popular pedestrian bridge that connects Kentucky to Indiana. Kev and I have lived here in Louisville for nearly two years and this was our first time on the bridge!


Once we got over to Indiana, we stopped into Red Yeti Brewery for a couple brewskis. Always a good idea!



One night last week, we took Peter to Holy Grale. Another new-to-us place, we were SO impressed with the outdoor space and amazing beer selections. We’ll be back!



And now to fill the rest of my Monday evening with loads of Gatorade and season two of Hart of Dixie. (P.S. Danny and Sara’s wedding recap coming up tomorrow!)

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