Pleasantly Surprised

Yesterday was mine and Kevin’s first time actually doing some hands-on wedding planning! As you know, we found our reception site last month and leaned on my parents, grandparents and aunt for their opinions since we weren’t able to go to STL to see it ourselves. And most recently, we decided to go ahead and book our church without seeing it first! Since we were in St. Louis yesterday after our house hunting trip, we made appointments to go by both our church and reception site, as well as meet with a couple DJs to get the ball rolling on that as well.

I’m so glad we went by the church. It’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Built in 1916, it’s a lot smaller inside than the pictures made it seem, but I liked it better that way. We sat down with Father Carl, my aunt’s parish’s old priest, who is an absolute HOOT! I had met him once before, when I was around 15 or 16 (and very naive about the Catholic faith). He was on his way out to see the movie The Devil Wears Prada with friends and when he told me that, I turned to my aunt and asked, “Priests are allowed to go see movies?” BAH. Talk about sheltered child! I went to a Lutheran grade school, high school and church – I had never learned about Catholic priests or really viewed them as “real” people even though so many members of my family are Catholic. We never really talked about priests! It makes me laugh now.

Anyways, it was GREAT to see Father Carl again – he was as nice, friendly, warm and engaging as he was the last time I met him. Kevin LOVED meeting him also and we had a chance to sit down and get to know each other a little bit better. I love how open minded Father Carl is…for instance, my two biggest concerns with getting married Catholic were that I didn’t want there to be a full mass and I didn’t want to sign a piece of paper saying I’d raise my kids Catholic.

Kevin and I have discussed this between the two of us and we both agree that those two things are not something we want. I’m not saying I don’t want to raise our kids Catholic, but what if we move to Louisville and there is an awesome Lutheran school system and a fantastic pastor that Kevin and I both love, so we decide to raise our children that way? And most people might say, “oh who cares, just sign it and do what you want” but I don’t want to knowingly agree to something that I may not be able to follow through with. That’s just me though!

And we don’t want a regular Catholic mass because it would be really awkward for me to stand there while other people are getting communion. Those are just our thoughts and opinions and we’re so happy Father Carl was beyond open with us and our situation. In fact, he didn’t even ask if we wanted a Catholic mass, rather he just handed us a little planning booklet and assumed that we didn’t want one. He can read our mind. 😉

I could go on for days about how cool Father Carl is, but I suppose I’ll stop now.

So Father Carl will be our middle person between Father Kevin (our priest) and the church. Kevin and I will complete our Pre-Cana (Catholic pre-marital classes) with a priest in Louisville once we get there, who will send our paperwork to Father Carl. I told my aunt that with all the priests involved, we’ll have an EXTRA holy marriage. 😉

And I’m sure to some the above was probably TMI, but I really don’t mind discussing our faith backgrounds and differences. I guess I’m used to it because my grandma Bladdick is Lutheran and my grandpa is Catholic. My dad and aunt are Catholic (because my grandma signed said paper above that she’d raise her kids Catholic when she got married), while my mom is Lutheran. I’m always interested in talking to people who have interfaith marriages to see how it works for them!

Okay on to more wedding stuff. The reception site! Bottom line? It’s also gorgeous! Good thing we really trust my family!

They have good taste!

The reception site is the tent in the background. (I was REALLY bad at taking pictures during all of our wedding stuff (this was the only one I took). I’ll be better next time!)

The tent looked a lot bigger than in pictures, which is a great thing! The little lights that hang down will look beautiful at night, especially with the water in the background. EEK I’m getting so excited!

So now we’re just one year and three days out! Woot woot!

Kev and I celebrate our 5th year dating anniversary this week. And by celebrate, I mean I’ll be watching the Cardinals and Grey’s Anatomy with Gracie while Kevin works. Womp womp. Oh well…’tis the life of an NWS soon-to-be spouse!

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