Pool Ready!

I don’t know about you, but I am a total water and sun chick. I grew up going to Destin, FL every year for vacation (my aunt and uncle used to own a house down there) and I was a life guard for six years at a local pool while in high school and part of college. I love soaking in the water under the sun. I can safely say that’s one of my favorite things to do.

So when I got out of work early today (gotta love Summer Fridays), I came home to Kevin making me a quesadilla with a margarita in hand. DOES HE KNOW ME, OR DOES HE KNOW ME?! Margarita at 1:30 p.m.? Okay.

After lunch, we refilled and headed straight to the pool.

(Poor Kevin doesn't tan so easily. He burns.)

Perfectly cool water.

I bought this yellow tube at Target for $6. Best $6 I’ve spent lately because I’m not someone who can just lay out on the benches – I have to be partly in the water or I get too hot and when I get hot, I get crabby. You don’t want crabby Gabby.

I should also add that I DO wear sunscreen and LOTS of it. No skin cancer here!

I bought this swim suit last week at Target! Since I was a lifeguard for so long, I always wore that suit – even when we went boating on the lake or river (I didn’t want to wear a nice suit out in the river – it’s too gross for that). Last year, my mom bought me a nice Calvin Klein suit that I LOVE, but I get tan lines easily, and since I’m in Katie’s wedding in September and the dresses are strapless, I really wanted a suit that wouldn’t leave bad strap tan lines.

I love it! Coral is my second favorite color (after navy) after all.

Plus I really wanted a new suit since we’re going to Destin next month for the first time in SEVEN years. I have to look nice for Destin! 😉

Speaking of shopping, after my Chicago work trip, I met up with one of my besties on Thursday night (I’ll get to more of that during my Chicago recap), and we went shopping together Friday morning at the Aurora outlets. I love outlets!

Remember these tennis shoes I wanted to buy forever ago? I bought these instead. I don’t think I like them as much, but I like being able to try on shoes and walk around in them. Plus, the girl in the store had them on and they look way cuter on feet than they do in the box.

Our last stop was to Banana Republic (oh how I love thee) and I found the cutest spring/summer/fall sweatshirt. It’s lightweight so it will be perfect for any season but winter. Love, love, love!

Now that I’ve spent all of my “fun” money for June in the first weekend, I am staying in tonight. I’m okay with that since I haven’t been home in forever and I have a lot to get done.

Like paint my nails.

I love the one-color-is-different trend. I’m not a very trendy person, but I think anyone can pull this off. At least I tell myself that.

So what’s on deck tonight? Making a nice dinner, watching Dirty Dancing Havana Nights or Bride Wars (probably both), cleaning a little bit and taking miss Grace out to play. Last time we went to the dog park, she had SO MUCH FUN, so we might put that on the agenda.

Happy weekend!

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  1. I love pool time too. I’ll have to go to target and get one of those cool yellow floaties! Love the new swImsuit gabby! Better bring It to Arizona in August 🙂

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