Potent Margs

Thanks for all of your advice with the doors we have! Your ideas were great, but I’m still not sure if we can do anything with them because they’re SO heavy. They’ll just have to sit on our patio for a few more weeks until we figure out what to do with them.

Last night we went to dinner with our friends Kirsten and Kevin to celebrate Kirsten being halfway through medical school (not jinxing you!). We went to El Mundo on Frankfurt Ave. and it was deeeelish!

I will warn you, though. The margaritas are potent. I certainly could not have driven after one, so I have no idea why I decided multiple was a good idea. Thank goodness Kev was driving us and my only repercussion was waking up with a bad headache on a Thursday morning. That’s always nice.

IMG_3435 For dinner, I got (of course) their shredded chicken nachos. I got the large order (of course) and it did not disappoint. And I had plenty of leftovers which made for a great lunch today. (Sadly no leftover margs to go along with it).

IMG_3436Sadly, the margs and wine when I got home (apparently I didn’t think I’d have to get up for work the next day or something?) meant staying up late for 3 OT in last night’s hockey game was difficult. (And before anyone tells me I’m not a real hockey fan for staying up for the whole thing, in my defense I… 1. Legit passed out and 2. probably watched more than any ‘fan’ anyways.)

Kevin, thankfully, woke me up to catch the goal. Boo, Blackhawks.


Gracie agrees with me.

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