R.I.P. Dish

Today is a sad day in our household. We no longer have Dish Network. It’s a long story, but basically we weren’t “approved” to get dish through our apartment complex even though we were told we could go ahead and get it. We had to cancel today and we’re back to no guide, no DVR and hardly any HD channels. Oh well, the dinner I made tonight was THE BOMB so that makes up for it (yep, I just said ‘the bomb’ like it’s 1999).


Breaking news: Aldi has ridiculously awesome and cheap produce. When we first moved here, it was the first time I was really “on my own.” I had absolutely no idea how expensive groceries can be! I’ve tried out a few grocery stores, but tonight I think I found my winners. I spent $14 at Aldi (everything below except a couple things) and a few bucks at Hy-Vee (cheese, brats and pizza crust) to get most of our groceries for the week. Now that’s awesome!

Tomato, Basil and Chicken Pizza

I went to a Pampered Chef party a few weeks ago and we made a version of this pizza there. It was SO good – I wanted to eat it all, but I figured I should share with the other nice ladies at the event.

The ingredients you’ll need: EVOO, basil, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese (not shown), pizza crust, tomatoes, garlic, garlic powder, salt and pepper

I put my pizza dough in the oven per the directions on the package. Subtract 5 minutes from the baking time because you’ll put it back in the oven after all the toppings are added.

I started by adding whole garlic cloves to a hot skillet with EVOO.

Next, I thinly sliced tomatos and patted them dry. I also sprinkled some salt on them to add flavor and take out the moisture.

I got my chicken all seasoned up with salt, pepper, garlic powder and basil. (Does raw chicken gross anyone else out? I can’t stand touching it, but I can devein shrimp all day long with no problem. What’s wrong with me?!)

Next, I combined the cheeses (4 oz. of mozzarella, 4 oz. of parmesan), basil (3 teaspoons) and EVOO (3 teaspoons) in a bowl.

Once the chicken was done, I added it to the mixture above. Then, I put a layer of mozzarella cheese and tomatoes on the pizza crust. Finally, I added the mixture of chicken, cheeses, basil and EVOO!

I popped it in a 400 degree oven for 5 minutes. When I took it out of the oven, my mouth was WATERING! I almost burned my fingers because I just couldn’t cut a slice fast enough!

Weekend Recap

Kevin’s birthday was this weekend (Nov. 13) so we did a lot of celebrating, which is partly the reason why I haven’t posted a recipe all weekend. Friday night, we went out to get drinks with some friends and then we headed to the Food and Wine Expo. I bought a LivingSocial to get two tickets, and I’m not going to lie – it wasn’t worth the money. First of all, “food” should not be listed first in the title. It was all booze (not that I’m complaining!) but we didn’t eat dinner because we assumed we’d be full from all the sampling. There were a few salsa samples, but nothing to fill you up. Kevin was having a grand ole’ time trying the drinks (I drove!), but I wouldn’t pay the money to go next year. Oh well, lesson learned!

Saturday, we lounged around and got ready for friends to come over for some Euchre that night. Remember when I said I was planning on making baked potato soup and would post the recipe? Yeah well, I made it. Yeah and, umm, it was a catastrophe. Don’t wanna talk about it. Moving on!

I’m embarrassed to admit how lazy we were on Sunday. Kevin’s dream birthday is laying around in sweatpants and watching football, so that’s exactly what we did. To continue with the lazy theme of the day, we ordered Pizza Hut breadsticks and stuffed crust pizza for dinner because that’s Kev’s favorite meal.

Thirty Days of Thanks

I didn’t forget about this! I promise! I took a few pictures the last couple of days, but this post is already pretty long so I’ll write a recap in my next post.

I’m off to watch the Blues game/Biggest Loser and update my ‘About Me‘ page (it’s rather boring, don’t you think?). Cya!

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