Ready to Get Out

You all know how much I loved HyVee when we lived in Des Moines. Not only was it a 30 second walk from our apartment, but everyone was so incredibly friendly and helpful each time we went in. (It also helps that prior to moving to Des Moines, I actually interviewed with HyVee and was offered a position – except it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do so I passed. Sometimes I regret that decision because even though I wouldn’t do what I want on a daily basis, if the people that work at HyVee corporate are anything like the stores themselves, I would be happy.) I digress.

Tonight we picked up some groceries at Kroger and apparently they came out with this new pre-prepared seafood special. We knew we wanted to make salmon tonight, but right there in front of us, they had it seasoned, buttered and sealed in a ready-to-bake foil package.

How easy and awesome is that? Did I mention that extra pre-prep is free? We paid for our salmon as we normally would, and dinner was 10x easier because all I did was pop this baby in the oven when we got home.


Is it sad, that at 24 years old, I get excited about pre-prepared salmon and grocery stores?


Yes, yes, in fact. That’s terribly sad.

IMG_2071And has anybody else noticed how incredibly AWFUL men are at dishes? I swear. Half of the time that I spend cooking is trying to find where Kevin put stuff. Drives me up the wall. (Yes, I know this is a major generalization. For instance, my dad is the king of dishes and he will appreciate me saying so.) PS Kevin is fully aware that I am writing this. His reply was, “I put dishes away where they make sense to ME.” Okayyyyyyy.

But most recently in our joke-of-a-life, our dishwasher broke and flooded our whole entire kitchen (which isn’t much, but still). And our bedroom flood count is at the magic number TWO.

This was our bedroom disaster the first time.

IMG_1856 And this was our kitchen disaster.

IMG_2038Have I also mentioned that I don’t get cell reception in our little hell hole? I have to stick my head out of our sliding glass door to get any sort of reception, which makes working from home a REAL pain in the ass.

I’m sure one day we’ll look back and laugh at this, but we could not be more ready to GET OUT of here!

End first world problem rant because today we got ANOTHER great update on George which makes you put life into perspective! He apparently can’t have visitors for 2 more weeks (brain’s gotta heal, I suppose), but it’s wonderful to hear that he’s making a good recovery. Prayers work, people!



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