Relaxing Weekend Recap

We couldn’t have asked for a better, more relaxing weekend.

Because it rained literally ALL weekend, we were forced to stay inside. The most glorious part about the weekend is that almost ZERO wedding planning took place! We put away the to-do lists and simply enjoyed spending the weekend with each other.

On Friday night, we watched “The Fighter,” a movie neither of us had seen. It was great! We slept in on Saturday (rainy, gloomy Saturdays are sometimes the best). Once our satellite went out, we figured we had nothing better to do so we whipped out our new blender from one of our showers and made lunch-time margaritas. The tequila must have motivated us because we unmounted our TV from above our fireplace and completely rearranged our living room! (I wish tequila motivated me to do other things like run, do laundry, put away dishes, etc.) Pictures to come because our house still has zero decorations.

photo 3

We met up with Danny, Sara and Sara’s mom and aunt for dinner on Saturday night. We tried a new (to us) place, Brick House Tavern. Two thumbs up!

Even though Kevin and I didn’t mind the rainy weather, poor Gracie was stuck inside, which meant she had to watch her little bird friends through the windows.

photo 2The only thing this weekend was missing, was Breaking Bad on Sunday night! Last weekend we were parked in front of my computer watching Netflix with a bottle of wine frantically trying to  catch up so we could watch the finale live and WE SUCCEEDED! Best. series. finale. EVER. We still have it on DVR and I am trying to resist watching it every day. (Jump on the BB bandwagon if you haven’t yet, yo. And then you’ll understand why I use the word “yo” in my everyday language.)

photo 1(You’d think I would have learned my wine + Macbook lesson, but apparently I was an idiot this night.) 

Oh, but how can I forget! One semi-wedding related task we did this weekend was EXTEND OUR HONEYMOON TWO EXTRA DAYS! Originally our honeymoon was only Monday-Saturday but we realized Kevin had an extra day off work so we decided to splurge and extend our honeymoon from Monday-Monday because YOLO. (I really hate that saying but it’s so perfect here.)


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