Someone get me out of our apartment! I am just so sick of being sick! Two Kleenex boxes, four cans of soup, one whole container of DayQuil/NyQuil and way too many Neti Pot rinses later, I’m finally starting to feel “better.” But still not great.

I had great plans to clean our whole apartment and get some quality pool time in this weekend, but I’ve done nothing but lay on our couch! I feel so unproductive and lazy, but I know it’s best.

I actually had enough motivation and energy to “make” chili for dinner tonight, instead of just heating up more soup!

This is what my life has looked like the last three days…food on the couch, gatorade, Kleenex’s and movies. Today I’m watching Sex and The City (it’s on E! right now for those who care)…there’s something great about watching movies you own on TV…they’re so much better than when you watch on DVD.

Yes, that’s a lot of cheese. That’s how I like my chili.

I have gotten lots of cuddle time with the pup!

While laying on the couch, I began creating a very thorough packing list (thanks to my new favorite app TripList) for Destin…because we leave in less than TWO WEEKS! I’m so pumped!

We used to go to Destin every summer as a family and it brings back so many wonderful childhood memories. For the first few years we went, when I was a baby, we stayed at my great aunt and uncle house right by the beach (we called it the Peach Cottage) and after they sold it, we began renting a condo on the beach. While we used to go every single summer while my brother and I grew up, we haven’t been in NINE years due to a combination of my grandpa’s health, the economy and family schedules. So to say we’re all beyond excited for this vacation is an understatement.

A few of my favorites in Destin include:

  • The Back Porch
  • Captain Dave’s on the Gulf
  • Deep-sea fishing
  • Blue Bell ice cream (the best)
  • The Track (as a kid, this was the funnest thing ever)
  • Silver Sands Factory Store (we used to dedicate one afternoon to “back-to-school” shopping)
  • THIS:

Ahhhh bliss.

I’m beyond excited to show Kevin all around Destin! It’s like part of my childhood he’s never seen before. 🙂 When I go to STL next, I’ll have to break open some old albums and post old-school Destin pictures. I vividly remember wearing a block neon colored swim suit. Stylish.

And I scheduled my mani/pedi, haircut and facial that I purchased through Groupon months ago for the week before vacation. I may be a little too excited for all that pampering!

Now if I’d just feel better! But like I said before, I’m thankful I’m sick this weekend. It could be worse!

Gracie and I are headed to DQ to grab a couple blizzards. I have a buy 1 get 1 coupon and I need to get out of the house! I’m a little terrified that I’ll eat both blizzards, instead of saving one for Kevin as planned. Something savory, like a big ole’ blizzard, just sounds absolutely delicious right now, sick and all!

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  1. Who eats chili without that much cheese? The more cheese the better – so excited for your destin trip – it sounds like so much fun!

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