Ridiculous Things I’d Do with $640 Million

Yeah, I participated again. How can you NOT when the jackpot is worth more money than Justin Bieber, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts put together? (Side note –  does it make anyone else mad that Justin Bieber is almost as rich as Jennifer and Julia at such a younger age? Anyone? Just me? Ok.)

In my earlier post, I was very mature by saying I would pay for student loans, my brother’s college, a new car, etc. etc. But now I’d like to just day dream about the ridiculous things I could (not that I would) do with $640 million (I know it wouldn’t really be that much because of taxes, etc.).

  • Buy Prince Harry. Ya heard me! He’s gorgeous.

I mean, gorgeous.

  • Buy the St. Louis Blues
  • Buy a suite for all Blues, Cardinals and Rams games
  • Take a bath in my dolla bills


  • Travel like travel ain’t eva been done before
  • Buy my way onto the Gossip Girl set

  • Buy a lake just for my family and friends and I’d name it “Lake Lotto”
  • Buy endless amounts of tennis shoes (because I hate when shoes get dirty)
  • Purchase a rather large hot tub (this one’s for Kev!)
In all seriousness, those above statements were all a joke. Let’s be honest, this is what is really going through my mind about the Mega Millions tonight:






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