runDisney Half Marathon Trip – Part 1

I can’t believe after eight months of blogging about this trip, it came and went just like that! And because the end of yet another good trip has come, it’s recap time!

As I mentioned the other day, I woke up the Thursday before we left with a raging cold/sinus infection thing. I called in sick and went to urgent care and by Friday evening, I was feeling better and ready to pick!


Just as I was double checking my packing list, we found out our flight was canceled for the next morning. To make things worse, my aunt and grandma’s flight out of St. Louis was canceled as well! We got on the phone with Southwest right away and took the last two seats on a flight for Saturday night, but I went to bed restless and anxious for our long day of travel.

We woke up really early and grumbled about how we should have been on a plane to Florida, but instead we were still at home.


Then I got the idea to look at other flights out of Louisville. Louisville had a flight leaving for Tampa that wasn’t canceled (makes no sense), so we decided in thirty quick seconds to hop out of bed, get dressed and drive to the airport hoping we’d catch the next flight from Louisville to Tampa that left in less than two hours. When we got to the ticket counter, they said that flight had just sold out but they could put us on standby.

And so we waited.

And drank beers at 10 a.m. to make us feel better.


And then, magically, just after they started boarding the flight to Tampa, they called our names! And we got on! Hooray! Goodbye, cold and snowy Louisville.


Once we got to Tampa, we grabbed our luggage and walked to the car rental area. We quickly found out that renting a car to go from Tampa to Orlando (which is about 80 miles away), was much more expensive than we were expecting. So while I went from Enterprise to Avis to Budget to National and the rest of them, Kevin looked up rentals on and rented a car with Alamo for TEN DOLLARS. I kid you not, $10. He told me this right after National quoted me for $184.

We grabbed the keys to our $10 rental car and we were on our way to Orlando – hooray! It was warm and sunny and glorious. And all of my anxiety slowly started to melt away.

It’s not traveling without drama, right?!

Anyways. Now to talk about the actual trip. Sheesh.

We drove straight to ESPN World Wide of Sports for the runDisney Princess Half Marathon Expo to pick up our bibs and race packet. I had never been to the ESPN area before, but Kevin played in a couple soccer tournaments there and he was excited to be back.

Getting our race packets was a breeze so we walked around a bit. This was my first time at a race expo so I was really looking forward to it, but I honestly wasn’t impressed. It was just a bunch of booths selling stuff that I didn’t care about or need. And to be even more honest, I was totally unimpressed with runDisney’s merchandise. I was super excited to grab a runDisney shirt or something (aside from my race shirt), but the selections weren’t great. Oh well, more dough for later in the week!

At the expo, I did see the KT Tape booth and I adore wearing KT Tape during my long runs. I “won” a free tape from them on Facebook so I took advantage. I think that’s the first time I ever won anything!


We left the expo and headed to the airport to drop off our rental car and meet my grandma and aunt who got the last two seats on a standby flight out of St. Louis. (It was seriously a miracle we all made it!) Then, we got on board the Disney Magical Express and headed towards the Happiest Place on Earth!

In case you’re keeping track, we were supposed to land in Orlando at 10 a.m. and we didn’t check into our hotel until 7 p.m. that night. Loooong travel day! So much for a light jog to freshen up the legs that I had planned for that afternoon. Instead, we checked out our hotel room and grabbed dinner.


We stayed at Port Orleans – Riverside. I had stayed here before as a kid, but it’s much nicer now. Our headboards had fireworks. So magical.




Dinner was at our resort’s dining hall, the Riverside Mill. They had a make-your-own pasta station which was perfect for the night before a race!


I loaded up on penne alfredo with shrimp, broccoli and mushrooms. And a breadstick!


Aaaand I really hate to end things here, but this post is already long enough and I need to sort through the photos I took of the race itself. I promise this trip recap won’t be a thousand posts long like the others have been! 😉

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