runDisney Half Marathon Trip – Part 3

Hi and happy Spring-is-almost-near! I love Daylight Savings Time even though we lost an hour of sleep last night. How was your weekend? Ours was great! We hung out with friends both Friday and Saturday night, and tried a new (to us) restaurant. And we spring cleaned! Felt so good. Today we’re being extra lazy, but more on our weekend tomorrow.

First, I want to finish chatting about our runDisney vacation. I’ve done the whole step-by-step and day-by-day Disney World post before, so I’m not going to do it again. As always, feel free to ask if you have any planning questions, but I just want to share some of the highlights from this trip in particular. 🙂


This trip was much more focused on the parks than the food because we weren’t on the Disney Dining Plan. We only had a handful of reservations and ate wherever we felt the rest of the time. It worked out pretty well for us!

We tried Via Napoli in Italy at Epcot after reading amazing reviews and knowing how much all four of us like pizza. They apparently bring in the water for the dough from a city in Philadelphia because it has the same qualities as the water in Napoli Italy. Knowing this, we had high expectations and it did not disappoint.


We split a Mezzo Metro (which means half a meter in Italian. Also known as, a very large pizza.) This picture below only shows about half.


But it was. omg. so. incredibly. delicious. And we had NO problem polishing it off. None whatsoever.


Another restaurant we tried for the first time was La Hacienda de San Angel in Mexico at Epcot.


My shrimp tacos were amazing, and I decided to branch out and get the avocado margarita vs. a regular one. It was great! But, it strangely tasted like bananas and not avocado.


We picked this restaurant because it has great views of Epcot’s Illuminations show!


Our very first ride of our trip was the Winnie the Pooh ride…and we go stuck on it. Like so stuck, that they had to turn on the lights and bring in a step stool so we could get out of the ride and walk out. I’m just glad we got stuck on this ride vs. Tower of Terror like the last time!


We also saw the Festival of Fantasy parade, the new parade at Magic Kingdom. It was amazing!


Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf were there, which was obviously the highlight.


Kevin has seen Fantasmic before, but I never had and I was super impressed. I can’t believe I had never done that in the past!


Another highlight? Grandma being in the wheelchair gave us handicap access to the shows. Most of the performances had the handicap area in the very back, but Beauty and the Beast has FRONT ROW blocked off for wheelchairs.


I was so excited we were that close. Beauty and the Beast is my absolute fave.


We spent an entire day at Epcot exploring the countries and spent a good part of one evening in the Germany area. It’s my favorite! We had beers and went to the chocolate shop for a snack.


I had never been inside the Biergarten restaurant to eat, but we had to use the restroom so we snuck in and got a peek. It was SO cool inside! I definitely want to eat there the next time we go.


Oh, and I really hate zoos (I know. I know.) and Animal Kingdom is basically a glorified zoo in my opinion, but I do enjoy spending at least a half a day at that park. When we went on the safari, we had to stop because there was a rhino crossing the road. Not even kidding! He (or she?) came right up to our safari and munched on some grass by us. So yeah, even I have to admit that was pretty cool.


Another cool thing! We were just strolling through Hollywood Studios and ran into one of the Green Army Men from Toy Story! He was so fun.


Grandma (who worked at Scott Air Force Base for years) told me I was saluting wrong and the Green Army Man came over to give her a kiss on the hand.


Hollywood Studios also had a preview of the movie Cinderella and it looks AMAZING. I can’t wait to see it! They also had THE carriage from the movie, which was so gorgeous.


Hollywood Studios had a ton of fun stuff when we were there, including the new Frozen play. it was so, so, so, so great. Like, my favorite thing we did, probably. It was a sing-a-long with the two “Arendelle Historians,” who took you through the history (which was basically the course of the movie.)


Anna, Elsa and Kristoff made appearances, but the historians were the real show. They were SO funny, I can’t even explain it. You just have to go see the show and take my word for it.


When we went in 2013, we weren’t able to ride the new Snow White ride because it wasn’t quite ready yet, so we made sure to do that this time. It was really fun! But also really short. Keep that in mind when the wait times are 90-120 minutes without a FP+.


On our last night, we stayed late at Magic Kingdom and ate at Be Our Guest restaurant. I was so pumped when I got the reservation since we couldn’t get dinner reservations when we were there for our honeymoon.


We sat in the main ballroom, which is my favorite.


And they put us right against the windows, which is the best!


I got Belle’s favorite, the shrimp and scallop dish. It was good, but not my favorite meal ever. Let’s be honest, you go there for the experience, not the food.


The best part of dinner at Be Our Guest? The beast is there!


We closed down the park on our last night because we wanted to catch the Electrical Parade. It was quite chilly on our last night, clearly told by Kevin and my grandma.


But that did not stop us from getting ice cream! When I was a kid and went to Disney World, we always got ice cream to eat during the parade and despite the chilly weather, we just had to get some this time.


All in all, we had a wonderful vacation and we kicked it off the best way possible, by running 13.1! This time, though, Kevin said, “We won’t be returning to Disney World until we have kids who are old enough to go. And I mean it this time!” Ha ha, we’ll see!

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