Saturday Fun

Well, the Blues game last night was a bust! They played like crap and fell to Arizona 4-1. Even though the game was bad, D’Agostini landed a big one on Torres and the crowd went wild for that.

At the end of the game, I was standing outside the Blues Zone store just hanging out while my aunt looked for a shirt. I saw a tall guy with a big nose in a suit slowly walk by and I kept staring at him when all of a sudden I realized, “that’s BJ Crombeen!” He was a healthy scratch for last night’s game so it made sense to see him in a suit after the game. I should have said something but instead I acted very awkward by staring and not looking away. Good one, Gab. I’m not super good in front of celebrities – I’ve never met anyone famous. In fact, this was my closest run-in with a celeb and it doesn’t even really count.

After the game, my aunt and I went to Chava’s, a local Mexican restaurant in Soulard. My best friend from high school actually works as a waitress there on the weekend to help pay for nursing school (go Laura!) so we requested her be our waitress. After a Pacifico and round of chips and queso, I dug into these babies.

NACHOS! (Are you surprised?)

Earlier in the day, I met my grandparents for lunch at The Pasta House. I recreated their famous salad a few weeks ago, but there’s something about having it fresh at the restaurant!

For my main dish, I got the Chicken Flamingo – a grilled chicken breast with provolone cheese and a white wine lemon butter sauce with mushrooms. Wonderful!

Today my family and I are heading to the mall to see The Hunger Games! They haven’t seen it yet and I have noooooo problem seeing it again. After the movie, we’re hitting the green and going golfing!

Happy Saturday! 🙂

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