Saying goodbye to our first home

Three and a half years ago, Kevin and I embarked on a big journey of buying our first home. We barely knew how to paint a wall, let alone build shelves, install custom curtains and blinds, create screens for our windows, replace a kitchen faucet and much, much more.

Our first home has been so good to us. It doesn’t feel real that we’re saying goodbye to it forever today. Even when the movers packed everything out Tuesday and yesterday, it felt surreal.

We’ve had so many memories in the house. The first week, we had a bunch of our best friends over to help us paint the house from top to bottom. I remember we were cleaning out our brushes at the end of the night, and the water stopped running. I immediately went into panic mode, thinking the house we just bought days before was a money pit. Turns out, we forgot to call the water company and had them turn it on. Still makes me laugh.

When I had the great plan to hang up string lights on our deck, Kevin wasn’t convinced it would work out. That project though? Still our favorite part of the house.

Some projects went perfectly, like our garage shelves. Others, like the curtains, tested patience and our ability to have even bought a house in the first place. But we survived. We hosted many Thanksgivings, hundreds of Netflix binges, lots of amazing times and a few bad ones but all in all, 2714 was the best little house we could have asked for.

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