Scenes from the Week

I passed my illness along to Kevin, so he’s been feeling like crap lately. But miraculously, there was a two-day window when we were both healthy and off work. And this is how we spent it…day drinking on a Monday while decorating the tree.



Poor Gracie has been deprived without any treats, bones or new toys for quite some time. I had a Black Friday coupon for PetSmart so we stocked her up with a few goodies…including a new Olaf. (Which she destroyed two minutes later. I’ve already had to sew him up.)


My training this past week went really well, and I spent some extra time in our gym’s hydrotherapy massage beds after each run. They’re so relaxing and included in our membership fee. Can’t beat that!


Throughout the week, Kevin got sicker and sicker so we missed his office’s work party. But because we didn’t go to that, I was able to go to a work event. And by some small miracle, my hair actually looked good when I curled it, which never ever happens. Thus, I needed to document it.


Said work event…with a couple of cocktails! I tell ya, I really don’t hate my job.


And because I’m always about keeping it real…despite my curled hair and fancy cocktails, I changed into PJs at 9 p.m. on Saturday night, Kevin just kept getting sicker and our house was a complete disaster. But at least my hair looked good? Ha!

What were you up to this past week?

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