Second Anniversary Trip?

Mine and Kevin’s two year anniversary is coming up in October and you know us…we have the travel itch! (Even though we just got back from Portland. And Cedar Point. We. love. to travel!) We don’t want to go anywhere major, just go somewhere a quick flight away (Kev has a $200 airline credit from a past airline fail) or short road trip to make a nice weekend out of our anniversary.

So  we’re thinking…maybe Austin.



I’ve been there but it was for a conference in college and Kevin’s never been. We’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Austin and I think it would be the perfect weekend getaway to do some sight seeing and try out new restaurants and bars. Also, this swimming hole!

Another place we’re looking at visiting is Tampa!



Surprisingly, flights from Louisville to Tampa are direct and super cheap. We know it wouldn’t be super hot when we’re there, but the temps are in the 80s in October and I mean, I could do the beach any day.

Or should we possibly just road tripping down to Nashville?


We live about two hours away from NashVegas and we’ve NEVER been – can you believe it? We’re not country music fans at all, but I’ve heard the live music scene is good for all

Any other cities we think we should throw in the hat?

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