Settled, sorta

Bless the moving industry. Bless them.

I’m already dreading having to move everything from our current place to our future house because we had the luxury of having movers hired through Kevin’s work and let me tell you…it’s glorious.

They come, give you a check list of all the boxes that they packed up, read off the numbers on each box one-by-one, and you just simply check off each box as its brought in.

No heavy lifting. No PIVOTING.

Here are some snapshots from our weekend move (these iPhone pictures suck, sorry).

Temp. housing bedroom (because I promised a picture). The bed was not so comfortable. Then again, nothing is compared to my bed.

photo 1

So that’s what the top of the dresser looks like…

photo 2

Okay these pictures really suck. I’m really sorry.

Anyways, did you know that wrapping your hang-up clothes in trash bags is the easiest way to transport them? It is, we swear.

photo 3

We didn’t want to turn the heat on in our new place because the movers had all of the doors open. Money saving 101.

photo 4

We discovered why it took the moving company so long to pack our stuff up…they wrapped everything, including our million shot glasses, individually.

photo 1

And this is what one box of packaging looks like.

photo 2

photo 3

The living room. AKA disaster.

photo 4

Boxes on boxes on boxes on boxes.

photo 1

We forgot the small fact that in Des Moines, we had a garage. We don’t have one in this new apartment, so we were praying all of our outside stuff fit in the storage shed.

Like a glove!

photo 2

The movers put together our furniture (seriously, bless them) and I almost shed a tear when I saw my big beautiful bed come out of the box and back into place. I may be biased, but my bed is the most comfortable bed on earth. Gracie thinks so too. I’m never getting rid of it.

photo 5After the movers left, we finished unpacking as much as we could. We still have piles of boxes, but at least we have a walkway and clear views of the TV. That’s all that matters, right?

Yesterday we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Bengals play. I’m such a good fiance sporting Bengals gear. Sadly, my enthusiasm didn’t help them win. The good news, is that we ate and drank our weight in wings and beer. I’d say that’s a win.

photo 3And today we began our hunt for a church in Louisville. We arrived 10 minutes late, were completely under dressed in jeans (I thought all Catholics wore jeans to church?!?!) and had to stand for the first half of the service until some nice man brought us collapsible chairs. The good news, is that we liked the church and it was in the cutest neighborhood ever.

Now that we’re past yet another move, regular posting will begin soon, including more cruise recaps!

I’m off to make dinner and prepare myself for two hours worth of tears during The Biggest Loser premiere! Jillian is BACK!

One last thing: HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Settled, sorta

  1. That’s how I packed my clothes moving from Ohio State back to Cincinnati! It worked like a charm. I hate packing/unpacking, so that’s Kevin’s job. He’s a sick individual who actually enjoys going through all of his/my possessions and re-organizing them. Ugh!

    Which church did you go to? I want to get back into a weekend routine here in Louisville now that I don’t have to go back to Cinci every weekend for wedding planning. That includes finding a church we like!

    • Kevin sounds like he needs to come spend a weekend at our apartment! Normally, I love organizing and being Type-A, but I’ve totally had enough of packing and unpacking for a lifetime.

      And we went to Holy Trinity in St. Matthews. I Googled which churches had 11 a.m. services haha but we liked it a lot!! We don’t go every weekend because of Kevin’s job but we’ll let you know the next time we go. 🙂

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