Working from home has been…well…interesting.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the flexibility. I haven’t worn makeup in 5 days (hello great for my skin), and I’ve only washed my hair twice (don’t think that’s gross, you aren’t supposed to wash every day). While I’ve managed to shower and get dressed every morning, it has been nice not having to rush out the door, remember my lunch and try not to go to work in my slippers (because that’s happened – got halfway there before realizing it).

It’s just weird.

Here are some shots of our first few days in Louisville.

My “office.” Hey, look at that. I got to work early on Monday.

Do you see how close my “office” is to the kitchen? It’s dangerous.

Gracie entertains me by sleeping in the most adorable positions throughout the entire day.

Stop taking pictures of me mom. I’m sunbathing.

During lunch yesterday, I went up to the nearby shopping area and stopped at Earth Fare. I quickly discovered Earth Fare is like an expensive Trader Joe’s + Whole Foods. Like 10x more expensive.

And they sell weird things like these.

Needless to say, I did not buy a thing. There was also a J. Crew next door. Fun to look in, nothing to buy (only shop at JC’s outlets). Where’s the Aldi’s and Old Navy near here?

Gracie’s been wondering the same thing.

I’m telling you, it’s hilarious being home with her during the day.

I will fit both of these identical rubber balls in my mouth at once (that’s what she said. had to.)

At one point, I brought my laptop to the floor to read over some of my work. Uncomfortable kitchen chair = not good for the back.

Last night we planned to make spaghetti. This was the conversation Kevin and I had while the water was boiling:

Kev: I don’t feel like spaghetti
Me: Me neither
Kev: Let’s order take-out
Me: Ok.

I’m not hard to convince.

Kev and I ordered from Tea Station Bistro, a chinese restaurant in Norton Commons, a cute little area up the road (reminds me of New Town St. Charles a little). I saw my first Christmas-decorated house. I squealed a little bit.

Shrimp fried rice for him.

Spicy salmon roll for her (read on Urban Spoon that the sushi man there is great.) Sadly, the crisps on the top were a little too sweet for me and not spicy enough. Overall it was pretty delish; I would have gotten something else next time though.

We ate take-out while watching the election coverage. For some reason that made me feel very much like a 20-something. Am I right?

Leggings are considered pants when you wear them alone in your own apartment.

Today over lunch I bought a dress online for New Year’s Eve. I’m pretty excited about it. Now about planning New Year’s Eve…

Over lunch I ate that spaghetti we didn’t make last night. I ate all of this. Yes, yes I did. And I was still hungry. See above problem with the kitchen being so close.

And then I took more pictures of Grace.

Really girlfriend?

So much for not letting her on the furniture…

Tonight Kev and I are celebrating something very special – his dad! We have always gone out to dinner every Nov. 7 and we’re trying to find a local pizza place that serves deep dish (apparently one of his favorites). Is 5:30 too early to eat dinner to be considered a young person? That’s not very 20-something I’m assuming…


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2 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. You are so cute in your first days working from home! I totally relate to most of these as a work-from-homer as well, especially the backaches. (Be prepared for head/neck aches if you sit on the couch though…and get a desk, ASAP!) And I say the same thing about the leggings! Where are your sock/slippers from? I need those in my life!

    • You are so sweet! I completely forgot you worked from home – do you love it? Do you hate it? I love all of your advice – as soon as we buy a house, we’re setting one of the bedrooms up as an office, including a desk and REAL chair! No more back/neck/head aches here! 🙂

      My slipper sock things are from Victoria’s Secret from a couple of years ago, and I can’t find them on their website anymore, but I know I’ve seen them at places like American Eagle. Look around the holidays – I bet you’ll find a pair!

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