So… work!

I feel like in all the years I’ve been blogging (four and a half years! oh my.), I haven’t talked about what I do for a living very much. Occasionally, I wrote about work trips here and there, or talked about fancy galas I’ve been to like the Bourbon Gala, but I haven’t really gone into detail.

I’m not sure why I never did, but I spend the majority of my week working, so why wouldn’t I talk about it?!

First, what do I do?

Well, I’m an Account Manager on the PR side of things at a mid-sized full-service agency here in Louisville. Basically, I’m a publicist.

So, what is a publicist?

Let me set the record straight and say that I am not a Samantha Brown. I work on a variety of clients and my goal is to make sure their message is communicated effectively to their audience.

This includes managing social media pages for clients and pitching newspaper reporters reasons why they should include my client in their stories. Sometimes it means getting up at 4 a.m. on a Saturday to help manage TV live shots for a client. Other days I get to go to really really cool music festivals and help manage media and the photo pit on the stages. And other times it means getting fancy and going to the Doctor’s Ball! (We went last year, but for some reason, I didn’t blog about it.)


One of my clients is a big hospital group here in Kentucky and a few of us from the office got to attend the annual fundraiser and awards ceremony recognizing some of the organization’s best health care providers. My coworkers Holly and bosses Lori and Matt attended with their significant others.


Oh and my dress? Check it. THIRTY dollars from Norsdstrom Rack. I kid you not.

The week after the gala, the local Public Relations Society of America had their annual awards ceremony. Needless to say, our team was pretty pumped:


Our company won 26 out of the 78 awards… the most out of any agency there! It was obnoxiously awesome and I’m awfully proud to work with the most talented PR people in the city.


On top of all the awards, our boss was inducted into the Hall of Fame!


Once the ceremony was over, we took an array of obnoxious photos and then headed out to a nearby restaurant to celebrate with drinks.



PR team selfie!


So, there’s a “fun” glimpse of what I do for a living. Not pictured: pulling a bajillion monthly reports today and staring at excel, while fielding calls from a reporter who was trying to make her deadline.

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