Soccer and Weekend Fun

Ah – sorry I’ve been neglecting all (sarcasm) my readers (hi, mom and dad)! Kevin and I have been so busy!

This past weekend was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! We went to Kansas Cityyyyyyyyyyyy! Kansas City is SO fun and our festivities really made it one of the best weekends ever! We originally planned to go to KC to watch the Women’s National Soccer Team play a friendly (match) against Canada…

These girls are freaking amazing, but more on that later (*note – not my picture, credit to the link):









…But, we also had a wedding to go to! I took a ½ day of vacation on Friday and we headed south on I-35 to my home state, MISSOURI!

Usually, when we take road trips, Kevin drives my car. However, now that he has a brand new 2012 Hyundai Elantra, he drives! My 1999 Chevy Cavalier just can’t handle the long trips anymore.  When you take road trips, do you like to drive or ride?  Personally, I hate driving. I was in a bad car accident a month after I got my license when I was 16 and ever since then, I’ve been terrified. I’d much rather ride, sleep, annoy Kevin and try to control the iPod. 🙂

Anyways, we arrived in KC, checked into our hotel, changed SO quickly and ran to the church! The ceremony was so pretty! It was small and the church was absolutely adorable. I just love weddings! After the wedding, we had time to kill so naturally, we headed to the nearest bar to grab some beers. Then, we went to the reception and had a blast! The DJ was awesome and everyone was out on the dance floor as soon as the music started. Kevin’s boss out-danced all of us…she’s awesome! (I wish I took pictures but my camera battery was dead so I left it charging in our hotel room during the wedding…bummer.)

Saturday. Was. Awesome. We were in Kansas City, BBQ capital of the WORLD, so we couldn’t skip out on some local grub! We headed to The WoodYard, a local BBQ place that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. As soon as we stepped out of the car, we could smell the bbq smoking away.

Stamped with Guy’s approval!

I asked the guy how long the meat had been in there and he said, “Oh, I don’t know, since before the sun rose. We don’t time’s done when it’s done.” Yum! 

Check out those bad boys!

You know you are at a legit bbq place when the napkins look like this:

So good! We ordered the Saturday special: a slab of baby back ribs and their famous chili. Delicious!

Kevin enjoyed:

And so did I:

After that delicious meal, we headed to the plaza area to do some shopping! Oh and you guessed it, Kevin was thrilled about shopping all day!

We went to a few stores and I got a pair of boots at Forever 21. Yay for fall clothes! We stopped at a coffee shop and grabbed a little snack. We had our USA gear on, so the guy at the counter said, “Oh, you’re going to the game? Hope Solo and some other players were just in here like 20 minutes ago.” CRAP!

I was super bummed we didn’t run into them (I mean, what would I have done anyways, asked for their autograph, I suppose?) but my mood swiftly changed after I took my first bite into this:

Turtles are my favorite chocolate treat!

I downed it in about one minute flat. We shopped a bit more, then got hungry again so we stopped at a near-by bar to catch part of the Nebraska game and chow on some nachos and have a beer. Nachos are my all-time favorite salty/snack/bar/bad-for-you food. Yum!

After consuming way too many calories, we headed to the GAME!! It was SO AMAZING to see the team play! They switched their formation, so they didn’t look as crisp as they should, but it was still really, really awesome to see them live. I know, I know, they lost in the finals, and I was just as disappointed as the next person, but I still think these chicks rock.

The game was in the Livestrong Sporting Park (where men’s pro team, Sporting KC plays) and it was beautiful!

We were all decked out in our Red, White and Blue. (The girl behind us tried to photo bomb this picture, but I cropped her out. Mind you, this is also the same chick that asked ‘Is Chicago a city or a state?’ half way through the game.)

Our seats were awesome! And yes, this really happened:

We watched warm ups:

The teams:

Abby Wambach got a PK and made it. Gooooaaaaallllll (no, they didn’t do that, I was sad):

I tried to zoom in a lot on my crappy camera (I need a new one….Christmas present?) for a good shot of Alex Morgan, but this is how it turned out. 🙁 Even though the picture is crappy, she is awesome and I want to be her.

Or her! I love Rapinoe – She’s my favorite player. (Umm I even ordered a shirt with her hair on it. Yes, that exists and I have shopping problem).

I also got a good shot of Pia (the coach) doing media interviews. I want to hear her sing in real life.

(You can check out my other pictures on Facebook.)

All in all, this weekend was amazing. Kevin and I had such a great time spending the weekend together, going to the wedding and the awesome soccer game. It was definitely a weekend to remember!

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  1. I read your blog too Gabby! I just love how you take pictures of all of the good food you eat. It makes me crave so many American classics.

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