Spice up our Lives…er…Home

I’m coming down with some sort of cold or sinus infection, so I am taking full advantage of my big comfy bed this evening. As soon as I left the office (and yes, even though I work from home, I leave my ‘office’ around 5), I crawled into bed, popped in a Gossip Girl disc (obsessed) and brought my wedding planning binder with me to try to get something done! Lord knows we need to get some things on our list done. It’s getting out of control how far behind I feel. (Please tell me I’m not far behind.)

Now that I’m finally back in our home from two long work trips, I’ve been able to help Kevin go through more boxes and get organized. Big project for this week? Our filing cabinet! We’ve been hoarders the past few years and have had way too many files and folders for things we don’t need. Plus, how that we have a house, we wanted to make sure that all of our important stuff, like mortgage paperwork, is tucked away in a nice safe place.

Nevertheless, our kitchen table has been a completely disaster all week. (Please don’t look at those temporary curtains…our curtain fabric that I ordered needs to get here…like yesterday!)


Remember how we loved our house warming gifts and cards from our families?! We got an awesome gift in the mail yesterday! Our friends Jim and Sao from Des Moines sent us a big box of Penzey’s spices. I am in heaven!

IMG_2554Kevin and I are trying to update our master to-do house list, where we’ll share the things we want to update and change, but for now, that’s really all that’s been happening in the land of home ownership these days.


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