St. Louis Cardinals – Unstoppable

I can’t even put into words how exciting last night was for a Cardinals fan. Let’s look back: in August, we were 10.5 games out of the playoff race. We somehow made an incredible run made it to play the Phillies, which about gave me a heart attack. After the most exciting 1-0 game I’ve ever witnessed, we had to play the Brewers and that surely kept Cards fans on the edge of their seats. Finally, we clinched the NL and headed to the World Series.

How we are playing in game 7 tonight is beyond me. Last night was single-handedly the very best sporting game I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life. Unfortunately, I had to watch it alone because Kevin worked, so I was jumping up and down, almost in tears, ready to have a heart attack, rocking back in forth in emotional pain, jumping up and down again, yelling at Holliday, cheering, crying, and many more emotions – by myself.  I called my mom after every inning so we could jump up and down and scream together. I think my neighbors hate me.










I still can’t get over the fact that we made it to game 7. The team that wasn’t even supposed to make the playoffs. The team that wasn’t even supposed to be good because our star pitcher was out all year. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine the St. Louis Cardinals playing tonight for their 11th World Series Championship (I have goosebumps saying that).

My parents always talk about the “Monday Night Miracle” when the Blues came back late in the third inning to win and they talk about the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” when USA beat Russia to advance. My grandpa has about a million amazing baseball stories that he has watched. I am so excited and proud to say I got to witness that historical game last night. This is something I’m going to be able to tell my kids about (and yes, they’ll be Cardinal fans despite what Kevin thinks) years from now.














That’s our Cardinals, St. Louis. Right there, last night, is the definition of the 2011 Cardinals. We didn’t stop. We didn’t give up. We didn’t ever quit. We were one strike away from losing, two innings in a row, and we came out on top. And we’ll come out on top again tonight.

Tomorrow we get to pick up our new little lady puppy and we bought her collar and leash today. Of course, we got the color red (it works for us since Kevin is a Reds fan every other time of the year except for this week). I can’t wait to see her decked out in her Cardinal Red like a true fan tomorrow!

I was at my best friend Laura's house when we won in 2006. I remember that last strike like it was yesterday.

I’m going to say it like I’ve never said it before….GOOOOOOOO CCAAARRRDDDSSS!!!

(*Not all of these pictures are mine. Links should provide sources. If they are yours and you want them down, email me and I'll do so)
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