St. Louis Goodies in Des Moines

Woo! We have one thing almost checked off the wedding to-do list! Tonight we talked to our hopeful priest about marrying us. I say almost because it’s not exactly set in stone yet, but progress is progress and at this point, I’ll take it! (I don’t want to say who the priest is yet in case something falls through because some of you may know him and we don’t want to get your hopes up.) 🙂 So many secrets! That’s not good blogging etiquette is it?

Tonight Kevin and I looked at more houses. What else is new these days!? We’re planning on going to Louisville the weekend of Oct. 12-15 to do some serious house hunting. I’m so excited to actually be in the city where we’ll be living – I’ve never been there! I’ve been to Kentucky many times, but never Louisville! (PS If you’re looking for a fun lake in Kentucky, we love Moors Resort on Kentucky Lake.)

Speaking of moving…you’ll never believe what Kevin and I found in Des Moines this past week. PROVEL CHEESE and…wait for it…PORK STEAKS. Two of our VERY favorite St. Louisian things, and we found them six weeks before we leave Des Moines. Of course.

My friend Amanda from work and I went to the new Hy-Vee for lunch on Friday and I asked the cheese lady if she ever heard of provel cheese and she pointed me right to it.

I was a little excited. You better believe I paid almost $6 for it and didn’t even feel bad.

THEN (yes this story gets better), on Friday night, Kevin and I ventured to Fareway for the first time because Kevin heard they sell pork steaks. Lo and behold (yes, it’s spelled ‘lo’ now ‘low’ – I most definitely just Wiki’d that), pork steaks were there!


We were so excited about the pork steaks that we forgot BBQ sauce and had to go back to the store to get some.

It was all worth it because these babies were good. And that’s saying something because I don’t even like pork that much (I’ll eat it, but I’m a chicken/beef person all the way).

For those of you who are not familiar with pork steaks, here’s how my family makes them:


  • Pork steaks (usually cut in 1 inch thickness)
  • BBQ sauce
  • S&P, garlic powder
I’m serious. That’s all you need. At least that’s all we use.



  • Season pork steaks with S&P and garlic powder
  • Brown each side on the grill
  • When browned, put pork steaks in pan covered in BBQ sauce (mixed with a little water to thin it out)
  • Set at 300 degrees and bake for 2-3 hours
My family (and most people) will do the last step over their charcoal grill instead of an oven,  but we don’t have a charcoal grill so we used our oven. We long for a charcoal grill. (I smell registry item!) 😉


Finished product! Perfectly paired with a side of mac and cheese and roasted broccoli.


While we ate, we continued our long rummy game tradition. I’m pretty sure I lost every hand. I was too distracted by the food.

On Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early to head downtown for the farmers market! We met up with our friends Jim & Sao and it was freezing! I’m so glad I brought a jacket, gloves and a scarf. Kevin made fun of me for bringing all of those “unnecessary things,” but guess which meteorologist was cold that morning?

Kev and I started our morning with breakfast bowls from one of the stands and a caramel spice coffee.

We didn’t buy anything, but we had fun trying samples and walking around. After a quick run to Costco to look around (our friends are members which makes Costco trips extra exciting for us), we went back to our apartment for a Saturday-afternoon nap. Those are the best.

After our nap, we were ready to go out! We met up with Jess & Chris for dinner at Fong’s.

SO GOOD. I cannot get enough of their buffalo chicken pizza.

We also tried their taco pizza. It was good, but nothing tops their buffalo chicken.

After stuffing ourselves silly, we walked over to Hessen Haus, which is probably my favorite bar in Des Moines. The boot is just too much fun.

We strictly follow the rules and always call the boot “das boot.”

The night was going perfectly…we were laughing, telling fun stories…

Determining who would be stuck with the first bubble of das boot…

And we even invited a fun group of people to sit next to us because there weren’t any other tables open…(total tangent, but the guy who sat with us had a BLUES HAT ON. So technically that’s three awesome St. Louisian things in two days.)….back to the first story…

Basically the night was awesome and then quickly ruined because a guy sitting right behind Jess and Chris puked SO loudly right as we were finishing our first boot (and contemplating getting a second). The decision to head out of there was made so fast because we couldn’t stand the smell (or sight). Nothing makes you want to stop drinking like witnessing someone throw up. Mind you, this was only at like 10 p.m. That guy was such a fun sucker.

Speaking of fun suckers…in college, I was in a web design class with my two very good friends Katie and Jackie. We personally thought the class was awful so we would often sneak out early get dinner at Qdoba after. I ate at Qdoba today (thanks for the Mexican Gumbo suggestion, Sara – it’s my new obsession) and all I thought about were those memories and how much of a fun suck that class was.

What was your least favorite class in college (or high school)? Web design topped my list (funny because now that I blog regularly, I probably could have really used that class) and I thought econ and finance were equally horrible (also funny how I hated those because now that we’re buying a house, I feel like all I do is econ and finance).

If this post had a lot of typos and didn’t make sense, you can blame this bundle of joy for that (and also the movie Bridesmaids…it was on TV and I can’t help myself but watch when it’s on). She has been so needy tonight and won’t leave my side. I secretly love it though.

Only two more days until the WEEKEND! I’m especially excited for this weekend because I’m headed to Omaha to celebrate The Schur’s Omaha wedding reception!

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