Surprise Surgery

So sorry for being absent this past week. It’s been a bit hectic ’round these parts.

And okay so maybe the title of this is a little misleading because it wasn’t a legit surgery, but it was an outpatient procedure involving lidocaine.

(There are no graphic pictures in this blog post. This disclaimer is for you, Cool Aunt Pam.)

I had two great walk/runs following the Couch to 5K app program this weekend; one on Friday and one on Sunday. Sunday night my toe was really bothering me, and I didn’t think much of it. I’ve had ingrown toenails before (gross I know, but whatever) and eventually they went away.

Come Monday morning, my big toe was throbbing. And continued to hurt throughout the day. I didn’t really sleep well the last two days because even the sheets touching my toe caused it to throb. Monday night, I got up at 4 a.m. to soak it in warm/hot water for some relief. I wasn’t even able to walk on it.

This morning I woke up with yet another night of restless sleep because I have had to sleep on top of covers so nothing touched my toe, so I called a few Podiatrists in my insurance network. Surprisingly, the first one I called had a cancelation that morning and could get me in ASAP! I was just hoping for an appointment within the next week, so I quickly emailed work, threw on some shorts and wobbled to my car.

I went to the Podiatrist thinking he’d prescribe me some antibiotics, in case it was infected, and perhaps clip my toenails so the ingrown nail wasn’t bothering me as much. At least, when I went to a Podiatrist as a kid for this same issue, that’s what they did.

Let’s back track to Monday night when I was talking with my friend Sara about my toe issue. She said she had a procedure done on both of her ingrown toenails a few years ago that permanently solves any ingrown toenail issues (well, the goal is for it to be permanent at least). She remembers there being some pain, the act of removing part of her toenail, not being able to walk easily or shower very well. I remember thinking, “Man that sucks, I hope I don’t ever have to have that!”


Two minutes into the appointment this morning and the Podiatrist was five inches away from shooting my toe up with numbing medicine.

He barely looked at my toe and said, “We have this procedure that we do that cuts off part of your toenail and removes ingrown toenail possibilities.”

And I said, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that.”

“It should only take about 20 minutes. Be right back.” [Yells down the hall] “NURSE – Lidocaine!”

“Um, wait, you’re doing this right now? Like today?”

“Yeah, I’ve already done three this morning. We’re just whipping ’em out.”

“Um, well, I haven’t had breakfast” [I say nervously]

“You’ll be fine”

“Ummm, I mean, my husband isn’t here.” [I say as I start to sweat]

“You’ll be fine”

Two minutes later he had my whole foot numb and I began obsessively texting Kevin, my friend Sara, my mom, nurse-friend Kristina and my coworker.


I normally don’t get nervous about medical procedures at all but this all happened so fast, and I really was worried about not eating breakfast (I get light headed really easily) or not having Kevin there.

Plus, I was just sitting in a chair…SITTING up. So I could see the whole thing. I tried to distract myself with a brochure on ingrown toenails and a People magazine from 1998, but neither were successful so I stuck to texting and Snapchatting various faces of confusion, worry and pain.


He was right, though, because 20 minutes later I was all done.

And when I tried to put my flipflop back on, I failed miserably because my foot was numb. Did you know walking is pretty challenging when you can’t feel your foot?


Then, the doctor said, “When I see you two weeks from now for your post-op check-up, let’s do the other foot!” Ummm, no thank you. Let’s wait for November when the weather is the worst and I won’t mind not running/walking for two weeks.

First week of 70 degrees, GORGEOUS weather, and I have an outpatient toe procedure that says two weeks of recovery. I HAVE THE WORST LUCK OF ALL.


So perhaps the title of my post is misleading, yes, as I said above, but I got a “post operative instructions” form to take home, meaning this totally counts as surgery and it was a total surprise.


This just means Kevin gets to wait on me hand and foot, right? 😉 He was pretty good at unwrapping my bandage so I could soak my foot tonight and I totally thought he would give me the “good joke, I’m not going anywhere near your toe” look.


I’ll be back tomorrow with a post about our super fun weekend, but that’s all for tonight! I have a husband waiting on me hand and foot, I must take advantage!


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4 thoughts on “Surprise Surgery

    • I’ll let you know how it goes. I would highly recommend PLANNING to have this procedure done, though!

  1. Flad all went well! Poor Gracie 🙁 she will be sad not running for a week! Chloe doesn’t like our every other day runs. But the walk helps!
    Hope it heals fast for you and Gracie!

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