Sweet Thursday

Who else is struggling to survive our first full week back at work? Man, I sure am!

Anyways…I’m not kidding when I tell you I not only set off the smoke alarms Monday night, but Tuesday and Wednesday as well. I won’t go into detail, but it was bad. With that being said, I decided I was not going to cook tonight so I went through my wallet and looked for the gift cards I have.


Jack in the Box…not available here (seriously unfortunate!)


Steak N Shake…not available here


St. Louis Bread Co…err…Panera? WIN!

Drove straight to Panera after work and when I handed my gift card over, the guy told me it had $0 on it.


Angry! I was doing really well with my budget this month (I haven’t spent ANY money except for the necessities of living – gas, rent, groceries, etc.) and I wasn’t too happy to hand over the eight bucks and some change.

Oh well.

After I picked up my Panera, I stopped by the library to pick up Catching Fire!!! I read the first Hunger Game book in two evenings and I couldn’t wait until I was able to pick this one up!

So my Thursday evening looks like this:

Don't judge my pink fluffy socks. It's frigging cold.

Tried the mac and cheese tonight. Not going to lie, it wasn't great. Way too rich.

Frontega Chickennnnnn! My fav.

Sweet Thursday. I’ll take it.

Now off to watch the St. Louis Blues play the Canucks! Here we come FIRST PLACE!

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Thursday

  1. I know exactly what you mean about being tough going back to work after two weeks off, and I don’t even work half of what people normally work! Hopefully next week won’t be so hard.

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