Curtains Complete!

Hey hey heyyyyy!

This weekend was, as usual, way too short. On Friday, we went to dinner with Kirsten and Kevin. Guess where we went. No, really guess.


Surprised? Probably not. We can’t help ourselves it’s just so good. I got the Good Ole burger again, but (my) Kevin switched things up and got their fish tacos which came with Mexican corn on the cob – basically heaven in your mouth.


It was Kirsten and (her) Kevin’s first time – I think they’re hooked.

After dinner, we went to B-dubs to watch the Blues game. They lost, and I cried myself a river. Only after eating a second dinner which consisted of wings. #ieatwhenimsadokay?

In other news (possibly the most exciting news to come out of the Bladdick/Deitsch household for the past few weeks) WE HAVE CURTAINS!!!!!


Hobby Lobby “found the missing fabric” we ordered (what.ever.) and we picked it up on Saturday.


Hello pretty new curtains and GOODBYE TRASH BAG DRAPES!

Since we moved in, I have been HATING on these massive windows because of how big of a pain in the arse they are (having to make your own curtains vs. shelling out thousands of dollars for custom drapes), but with these crisp, white, flowy curtains, I’m obsessed. And the trees in our front yard provide the perfect amount of privacy where I feel comfortable leaving them open all day, only to close them at night.


(And thank you Kirsten and Kevin for letting us borrow your iron and ironing board!)

We added another addition to our house – a dog bed for Grace! Now that we have our new couch, new chair AND new bed, we’re trying to prevent her from getting on the furniture.

IMG_3110Speaking of Grace – she got a special little package in the mail today. 🙂


Our friends Jess & Chris (and Calie & Nita) from Des Moines mailed Grace a bunch of homemade cookies today and she LOVED them! Here’s a video of us opening the package. She’s a silly little thing.

And lastly, today we booked our plane tickets out to San Francisco for our friends Jeannie & Brett’s wedding in September! And I booked mine, Katie and Jackie’s hotel for Jess and Jason’s wedding in July! I have weddings on the brain so I’m off to see what’s left on our big to-do list. I’m feeling a little inspired. 🙂


Weekend Rewind

Wooooooo for the first warm weekend of the season! We had 70 degree weather all weekend and it was absolutely glorious.

Kev and I wanted to try a new local restaurant so with Yelp and Urban Spoon’s help, we dined at Mussel & Burger Bar in Jeffersontown and we’ll definitely be heading back again soon.


We both had our eyes on the “Good Ole” burger which was a 100% angus beef patty with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion on a pretzel bun, however we didn’t want to both order the same thing. That’s boring! So I volunteered to get something else – the spare rib nachos.

While they were delicious, Kevin’s burger was out of this world! It was hands down, the second best burger I’ve ever had and I immediately had order remorse after trying a bite of his.

One of the other highlights of Mussel & Burger Bar was the sweet potato fries that I ordered as a side. Perfectly salty, crispy and sweet – I’m counting down the days until we go back!

IMG_2757 Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Cherokee Park for a run with Grace. The hills were killer, but the weather was too good to pass up. Did you know Louisville is actually “known” for their parks? In fact, Frederick Law Olmsted, who designed Central Park in NYC, designed many of the parks in Louisville. Cherokee Park was stunning – we’ll for sure head back for more runs!

On our way back home, we stopped by a big blue box to drop off save the dates! Coming soon to a mailbox near you. 😉

IMG_2759We got home just in time because Danny and Sara were on their way to visit! After enjoying the weather and a great BBQ dinner, we Skyped with Peter for some evening drinking games. Always a wise decision.

IMG_2761 Today included a trip to Target, writing a few thank you notes, setting up the digital picture frame we got for Christmas (I know, it’s April) and making a killer plate of homemade butternut squash gnocchi, which I combined with sauteed mushrooms for dinner tonight.

IMG_2783Now I’m sulking because it’s Sunday night, which always comes way too soon. I think adults should get a summer break – we need it more than students anyways!