The Holidays 2016

Because I’m so good at keeping up with my blog lately, I figured I might as well write about winter in March because who doesn’t do that?!

So Christmas 2016. Remember when my brother graduated college in December? Well the next day, we drove to Cincinnati to celebrate the holidays with Kevin’s family. We got to town just in time to exchange Secret Santa gifts and play a few games.

Let us also talk about the newest member to the family… baby Jay. He’s the cutest.

While we were in town, we went to a local brewery with Danny & Sara to see them for a bit. The next day, the guys went to the Bengals game and Sara and I got some girl time, which was MUCH NEEDED. After the game, we picked up the guys and went to a different local brewery for another round of beers.

If you haven’t noticed yet, trying new beers is our favorite hobby. Glad we’ve cleared the air.

Next up? Sushi at the best Cloud 9!

Later that weekend, we exchanged presents with Kevin’s immediate family since we wouldn’t see them on actual Christmas.

Presentssss! I don’t remember what I gave or received because it was three months ago, but I’m sure it was great! 😉

After a fun weekend in Cincinnati, we were back in St. Louis for the first Christmas in our new home! We always loved decorating our first house for Christmas and while we didn’t go all out this year (no outside lights), we did put up a tree in both the living room and basement! Two trees FTW.

I took a day off work to run some errands, finish Christmas shopping and hang out with Kev-o on his day off. We made a pit stop at a local bar for lunch, beers and shuffleboard.

Also, St. Louisans… go to the DMV in Des Peres for new licenses and plates. There’s a bar next door so you can grab your number and get a beer while you wait. Best kept secret!

Of course, it’s no holiday season without red wine and Christmas movies, like Home Alone! (PS basement tree, partially pictured here.)

Okay so “real” Christmas I do remember because it was our first one in our new house and I took lots more photos. Kevin and I have tried to exchange presents with just us and Gracie ever since we got married and we really enjoy lighting the fire place, playing Christmas music and exchanging gifts slowly throughout the morning. It’s our fun little tradition. 🙂

First up? Stockings! Per the usual, we swapped candy, lottery tickets and craft beer.

The only time of year I indulge in Funyuns!

Gracie was, as usual, thrilled to “open” her presents. She walked away with a new toy squirrel, a couple of bones and new treats this year.

One of Kevin’s presents was a StitchFix for men, but it sucked and I don’t recommend trying out the men’s service at all. (I however, love StitchFix for chicks.)

On Christmas Eve, we headed over to my grandma’s annual party with the whole family. Santa (my little brother) made a special appearance once again!

My grandma had been in the hospital almost all summer and fall, and we were all so happy that she was home in time for the holidays and on her way to a healthier 2017.

New to the party this year, we played the game where you had to unwrap a gift with oven mitts on. You’ve probably seen it all over the internet and I promise you it was as fun as it looks!

After my grandma’s, we followed tradition and went to church and then home to bed after a long day.

Christmas morning is always so fun at my parent’s house. Since Kevin and I had already had our small family’s celebration, we decided to spend the night at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve (as opposed to driving 30-40 minutes back to our house), so we woke up to a room full of presents and Bailey’s in our coffee.

Next up? Back to grandma’s we went for brunch and exchanging gifts with that side of the family.

Once the big celebrations were over, we had a few days until the next big event: Winter Classic 2017! Being huge hockey fans, we’ve wanted the Winter Classic in St. Louis for YEARS – ever since it began, really – but all the same teams kept getting it. In March 2016, I remember being so excited when it was finally announced that St. Louis would host. However, tickets to the big game were extremely tough to get (and uber expensive), so we got tickets to the Alumni Game instead. It was fine though, because we got to experience the atmosphere AND see some famous all stars play, like Wayne Gretzky!

For the actual Winter Classic game, we had my fam over to watch it on the big screen. And good news, we won!